BOOTboys Hill Log

This is now available as a pdf file.  Left click on BOOTboys Hill Log to open the file.

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The table lists the report reference for each visit to the named hill.  The first 214 hills are grouped as per the Wainwright books:
Central, Eastern, Far Eastern, Northern, North Western, Southern, Western.

Each report reference is not a hotlink but the walk page can be reached by clicking on BOOTboys index page, then the index page for the relevant year (the first two digits of the report reference) and then on the full report reference.

Alternatively you can go directly to the report by entering into your browser the link: where xx is the year of the report (the first two digits of the BB report number) and zzzz is the four digits of the BB report reference.  

For example the first visit to Armboth Fell was BB0724 so the webpage is

Lesser hills have not been indexed nor have walks outwith the Lakeland or Yorkshire Dales areas.  If we have been there, you might be able to find them by Googling "Bootboys" plus the name of the hill.

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The table might not be completely up-to-date but will be updated periodically

Click on BOOTboys Hill Log to open the file.

Don, July 2018