GLW2301:  Another Time, Another Place
Sunday 29th - Tuesday 31st January 2022

It was in late 2021 that we were due to join a group of couples of varying degrees of acquaintance for a two night break at the hotel formerly known as the Rampsbeck, located at the northern end of Ullswater.  

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately as it turned out, I wasn’t very well on the day and so we had to cancel.  We had already paid but the management were happy to hold the money as credit for a future stay.  It was a case of “Another Time, Another Place.”

Now you might think that should be “Another time, same place” but no.  You see “Another Place” is the new name for the hotel.  Rampsbeck has been relegated to the name of its fine dining room.

A lot of money has been spent in modernising the hotel with new extensions, infinity pools, and shepherd’s glamping huts etcetera whilst still maintaining much of the character of a traditional Lakeland hotel.  

We checked in on Sunday afternoon and ate in the less formal bar / dining area known as The Living Space.  Actually, the Place is completely informal as to dress code.  I took the precaution of checking the Rampsbeck room for the following night and was politely informed that we could wear whatever we wanted other than dressing gowns!  It is a far cry from the Blue Bell at Heversham where, many, many years ago, I was reprimanded for not wearing a suit and was asked to eat wearing my duffle coat in order to maintain standards.

We had worried about the weather but actually Monday turned out to be a far better day than anticipated so we made the most of it.  

On the other side of the lake is Hallin Fell, which is actually a Wainwright, albeit one of the lowest.  That was irrelevant.  Our objective was to walk round, not over.

We parked by St Peter’s, known as the new church, having driven up quite a steep and very zig-zagged road to reach it.  Our direction of rotation was to be anti-clockwise, thereby avoiding that steep climb at the end of the walk.  

Margaret remembered, from when we did the same stretch on the Ullswater Way, how tricky underfoot it would be in parts, with ups and downs over rocks and tree roots.  However, the reward was the views.

Having completed the circumnavigation and still having a little energy left, we decided to undertake a further loop, past what must be smallest named tarn in the Lake District, Lany Tarn, and on up to St Martin’s, the old church.

This is a lovely ancient building still looking fit for purpose in a rustic sort of way but sadly in need of some repairs.  

Stephen and Julia were also staying at this Another Place on Monday evening.  We had a very enjoyable evening with them in the Rampsbeck and likewise at breakfast in the morning.

On the way home, as we passed Gowbarrow Bay, Margaret pointed out the spectacular view of the hills beyond the lake.  It is a view that had eluded me for years, I’d see it so many times in print but never found the right viewpoint previously.

It had been a Great Little Break with a Great Little Walk.  We’ll certainly go back.
Another Time, Another Place.

Don, Tuesday 31st January 2023

GLW2301 : 4.6 miles, 820 feet

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