The Windermere Way 03 :  Ambleside to Windermere

Sunday 29th October 2017

In my book, as opposed to The Book, there is more than one way to do a Way! There is no need for each section to be in the same direction.  There is no need for them to be in consecutive order.  Which is just as well.  Although the clocks had gone back, as it was the last day of the half-term holidays it was busy.   We would have been stuck in huge queues for the ferry then walking in very cold shade.

Instead, we were on the eastern side of the lake enjoying the afternoon sun, more or less reversing the route taken on the Thirlmere Way.

Despite the lateness and the shortness of the day, we stopped at the Ambleside Climbing Centre for a coffee kickstart.  Then it was off up to Skelghyll Wood and Jenkin Crag.

Robin Lane followed, offering some spectacular views.....

.....and then down to the Old Post Office café in Troutbeck for soup.

After a discussion with a local fell guide about the merits of retired trail hounds as pets (his was lovely) we set off again down to the Trout Beck then up to the Longmire Road.

The mire didn’t start until Far Orrest farm.  Near Orrest was almost a slime pit before we escaped on to the road. Even worse than on TW08

In contrast, the climb to Orrest Head was remarkably clean- the benefit of sheep rather than cows.  The day was slipping away and the north side of the Head was in shade. On the skyline Ian spotted a cow that had eaten far too much methane-producing grass.

When we emerged at the summit, we once again were in sunshine but it was close to disappearing.

A girl encouraged us to stay for the sunset but it was cold and the lack of cloud meant that it was unlikely to be spectacular.  We descended to the bus stop and were in luck; one was waiting for us.

Travelling north to Ambleside, we could see the long slow queue of traffic heading south.  Consequently we decided to add some bonus mileage and head for the Golden Rule for our reward.  An hour later, the trippers had all gone and it was an easy drive home.

Don, Sunday 29th October 2017

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