BB1225  Travelling Light

Wednesday 8th August 2012

I got no bags or baggage to slow me down
I'm traveling so fast my feet ain't touching the ground

"Travel light," I told myself, "the forecast is good so thereís no need for heavy gear or boots."  

I confess to carrying a rucksac but it was only a tiny one for my butties!  

Only Bryan and Stan for travelling companions today so I was expecting to be pushed hard.  Stan had proposed a circuit to include Fairfield and St Sunday Crag.

As Bryan led, storming up the nose of High Hartsop Dodd and onwards past Little Hart Crag to Dove Crag, I realised that travelling light had been a really good decision.  

From here, the Olympic spirit set in.  I took advantage of my having nothing, well next to nothing, to haul, certainly no comb or toothbrush, and led the charge, feet barely touching the ground, onwards via Hart Crag to the summit of Fairfield.  

No comb and tooth brush, I got nothing to haul
I'm carrying only a pocketful of dreams, a heart full of love
and they weigh nothing at all

High Hartsop Dodd and round to Hart Crag

Brotherswater, High Hartsop Dodd a-peeping

Looking back over Brotherswater

Our lunch stop dreams were marred by some nasty wasps who insisted on joining us. Certainly no heart full of love for them.

The Raven

Do ravens eat wasps?  An inquisitive raven that was watching us quothed "Nevermore" which was little ironic given that,only last week, whilst deep underground, I had indirectly referred to such creature in the quotation of the Night's Plutonian Shore.

The western panorama

Helvellyn range

I knew what next lay in store and I was not looking forward to it. Cofa Pike is only a little addendum to Fairfield but involves a steep rocky climb in a semi-exposed position.  Kind Stan made sure I had some practice on similar terrain by leading me down Fairfield by a precarious descent first!  Wise Bryan took a much more sensible route.

Equally, I was not looking forward to the ridge over to St Sunday Crag.  I had it in my mind that it was a scarily narrow path with big drops to each side.  The drops were there but the path was wide and not at all scary.  Looking back over previous reports, I canít think why I thought it might be.  

Cofa Crag and St Sunday's Crag

Grisedale Tarn

Ullswater from St Sunday's Crag

Comitibus :   St Sunday's Crag

Following a number of false summits and then the real St Sunday thing, Bryan suggested we stopped for a brew and that, for me at least, was a big mistake.  

After all that charging around, my legs no longer felt as if they weighed nothing at all.

My knees were starting to complain, a grumble which they kept up all the way down Cold Cove Gill whilst Stan, who goes faster as the day gets longer, skipped down the hill. Bryan kindly kept me company.

I might have been travelling light but the hoots and hollering I made were nothing to do with love looks or paradise.

Soon, I'm gonna see that love look in her eyes
I'm a hoot and a holler away from paradise

Fortunately, on reaching the level ground in the valley bottom, the joints starting working again, at least well enough to get me back to the car and out again at the Brotherswater Inn.  

Here we celebrated Bryan now officially being an old man which he proved was simply a number and not a condition by showing us his photos of his recent ascent of Mont Blanc. I am flattered that a number of readers of BB1224 thought that it had been me who had accompanied Bryan on that adventure. As if!  Respect where respect is due.  

Bryan- Respect!

Brotherswater Inn bar

Congratulations Bryan

The Inn's medicine kicked in and my legs were mended, after a fashion.  Somewhat later than anticipated, we headed off for home.

Travellin' Light, Travellin' Light
I  just can't wait to be with my baby tonight !

I was thinking of what delights might be awaiting.  I was not disappointed.  
A glass of wine and a delicious supper lovingly prepared by my dear wife.  Yes!

Don, 9th August 2012


Where Was Tony?

Eagle-eyed readers will have realised that Tony was not with us today.  
His excuse?  Something rather fishy.

Here he is with his other friends: a 6lb 3oz Barbel and a 3lb 9oz Chub.

He reports that he had a marginally successful day on the bank for eight absolutely baking hours and in all that time only managed to catch one barbel, two chub and an eel!!


White Scar Cavies

It wasn't until I processed the photos for BB1224 that I discovered that the entrance to the White Scar Caverns is also a guinea pig farm!


Ellie Mae at the Olympics

My new granddaughter has some surprising skills.




Wednesday 8th August 2012

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, St Sunday Crag

Other Features:



Bryan, Don, Stan

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