BB1242 : Five Little Boys and The Beast of Barbon

Thursday 13th December 2012


Five Little Boys Have An Adventure

<< It's a sunny day. >> said Donny.
<< Let's have an adventure. >>

<< Yes, let's. >> agreed Jim-Rob
<< What shall we do? >>

<< I know. >> he replied,  
<< We'll ask Mikey to get out his og-og.  He can take us and Bry to see Johnboy. >>

<< What fun! >> Jim-Rob answered.
So they did.

Johnboy lives near a park where big boys hit little balls with sticks.
Sometimes Mikey plays with them.  But we didn't want to play with them.
Not today. We wanted a real adventure.  We wanted to climb a mountain.  
So we didn't stop there.

Johnboy had brought his og-og.

He pushed us all the way to a house.

It has a funny name. It is called the Head.

It must be fun in that house. Grown-ups go in and come out laughing. And doing other funny things.

But not real adventures.

We were going to climb a mountain.

We walked up a very long path to a place called Long Bank.  It was very long.

Soon Bry said something.  
I think he said << Look, there's Naughty Barry Moor. >>
Johnboy said he was a very naughty man.

<< Woof, woof! >> shouted Jim-Rob when we climbed over Barkin Top.
We all laughed.

A few minutes later Bry said << We are at the top of the mountain now. >>
He knows all about these things.  

He told us it is called Calf Top.

On the way down we found something.

Mikey said it was a Castle.
Bry said << It's Knott. >>

Bry had a piece of paper in his hand.
It had pictures on it.  

He said that one of the pictures was of a stream with Three Little Boys.

They weren't playing out today.

At the bottom of the hill is a village.  It is called Barbon.  
It is near where the big boys play with their balls and sticks.  

A nice man in the park gave us some fizzy pop. He asked if we had been naughty? Mikey thought he was going to smack our bottoms so we all climbed onto his og-og.  He pushed us to the house with the funny name.

Then we went home.  What a fun day.  Jim-Rob called it << bonza! >>  
I don't know what that means.  I thought it was spiffing!

Donny, 13th December 2012


That is not exactly what happened.  On the morning, I, Don(ny), was unable to join the party due to family illnesses.  However, as I had already written the report as a story for my very young grandchildren who are staying with us, it seemed a shame not to use it.

Remarkably, I am advised that there are strong elements of coincidence with the actuality.

I am just annoyed that I was unaware of the Beast of Barbon so didn't weave it into my story.  Here is Bryan's account of the day:


The Beast of Barbon

Thursday 13th December 2012

We met up with John at the Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club, left Mike’s car there, and took John’s car to the start.

Glorious day to be out. No wind on early climb, and sun out, meant the cold didn’t seem too bad.

Approaching Fellside farm

 View down to Sedbergh

It was a long steady ascent to the ridge with views opening out as we went.

View of the Howgills; Aye Gill Pike; Baugh Fell; Mallerstang

John is part of a group trying to stop the building of a number of new wind turbines in the valley. He pointed to some we could see from the ridge and asked us to imagine more of them that were at least twice as high. Photo gives some idea of impact it would have on views towards the Lakes.

Example of the impact of wind turbines on the views

As we hit the snow line Mike pointed out a series of large indentations (at least 3 times the size of a person’s foot) with a distance of 5ft or so between them. There seemed no logical explanation for them so we assumed it must be a first encounter with the Beast of Barbon

 Mike and James looking for the Beast of Barbon

Comitibus :  Calf Top summit

Reaching the final ridge a light wind got up which rapidly chilled everyone down. We opted for a lunch stop before the summit so as to ensure we could get out of the breeze.

After lunch we carried on to the top and took the Comitibus photo.

I stopped with John to get the map out and work out what hills were in the view. I suggested James should carry on as he was getting cold and said John and I would catch them up – a mistake on my part as we lost sight of them and spent some time working out where they were and catching up. James’ view was that it was my fault because when Don’s leading he tells him what to do and I hadn’t!

Descending into the valley

 In the clubhouse

Day finished with a beer in the KL Golf Club

Bryan, 13th December 2012


Palindromic Challenge

Last week's palindromic exercise (BB1241) has led to a competition between father and son for the longest palindrome containing the word BOOTboy, some tenuous relevance and no personal names.  Jamie's best effort todate is:

BOOTboy: now on YobToob

However, I have topped that with:

Ye BOOTboy rotavator yob to obey

Can anyone beat that?  Small prize for the winner (don't get too excited!).




Thursday 13th December

Distance in miles:

9.3 (Memory Map / OS)

Height climbed in feet:

1,972 (Memory Map / OS)



Other Features:

Calf Top, Middleton Fell


Bryan, Mike, James, John Hn


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