BB1306 : Epistemology

Wednesday 6th Febuary 2013

It’s amazing what you can learn on the top of Lingmoor… Mike and John found out on the “A” walk this week.

John rather fancied Lingmoor from Elterwater because he has a bit of a thing about the Langdales and when Mike suggested that they start the day with the famous Linthwaite sausages the deal was sealed.

Three of the best

One of the best

Mike was photo man and John was map man.  Unfortunately John’s inexperience showed when he realized the intended route fell off the edge of the OS map he had brought along. Luckily Mike was able to save the day by raiding the hotel library for a second map.

Setting off from the Britannia Inn and up past the Langdale development was a trip down memory lane for Mike but new territory for John.

The climb up to Lingmoor summit became increasingly difficult due to strengthening icy winds. Chats with other walkers about the conditions were a good excuse for frequent rests.

Up there, Usain

Chapel Stile

Two well dressed whippets were a talking point and Mike thought that they might be mountain rescue dogs due to the fluorescent yellow/orange jacket that one of them was sporting.  Mike suggested to the owners that fitting a blue flashing light could complete the ensemble.

The well dressed whippets

Comitibus : Lingmoor

Climbing Lingmoor


At the top a stranger in red appeared out of nowhere and suggested that the winds were too strong to continue along the ridge.   Mike was road testing his new crampons, which he was pleased with, but they looked quite genteel compared with the stranger’s fearsome looking pair. [See them being fitted- right hand panel]

John and Wetherlam

Professor Les Smith

The stranger turned out to be called Les Smith and he was happy to take the team photo in the absence of a clever spidery tripod thing like Don’s.  It also turned out that Les is an Emeritus Professor from Lancaster University and his subject is Epistemology.  As you will know…..

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies knowledge. It attempts to answer the basic question: what distinguishes true (adequate) knowledge from false (inadequate) knowledge?  Practically, this question translates into issues of scientific methodology: how can one develop theories or models that are better than competing theories? It also forms one of the pillars of the new sciences of cognition, which developed from the information processing approach to psychology, and from artificial intelligence, as an attempt to develop computer programs that mimic a human's capacity to use knowledge in an intelligent way.

After an in depth discussion regarding the above, a decision was made to abandon the ridge walk and the professor led the way sharply downhill to Blea Tarn and Little Langdale. At the road farewells and website addresses were exchanged….causing Don much confusion later in the day.  Mike and John headed back towards Elterwater and the conversation moved on to more prosaic matters such as food and drink.

Three Shires beckoning

Britannia winning

A lunch stop in warm sunshine was an unexpected bonus and although the Three Shires beckoned, temptation was resisted

…..until the Britannia Inn!

John, 6th February 2013

Our thanks to Les for keeping an eye on John and Mike and for letting us use his photos.

Click on them for enlargements and see the quality.

Langdale Pikes

John & Mike

Wetherlam  with Wetherlam Edge

Bowfell then Esk Pike and Great End on the right

To see more of his stunning pictures or to refresh you memroy about the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget (whom I remember from my Uni days) visit Les' website: Les Smith.


Philip And The Pulpit

Where do you think Philip was when this photo was taken?

To see if you are correct, click on the picture on the right.

Prepare to be amazed.

The grapevine says he may be leading tours next year.

To see more of the destination see The Pulpit.

Pray Forgive Us, M'Lady

It is with deep regret, my dear Lady Anne, that, when I visited you in your wonderful tryptich last week, I was quite unaware that very day was your 423rd birthday.

Had I realised, I would have brought a suitable gift for you.

Perchance the head of the imposter?


Your loyal vassal, Sir Antony, is similarly distraught.  He has vowed that he will weave strange magic over a potion of the black berry to secure an augury. This will ensure that he duly pay homage to you on the appropriate day each year without fail henceforth.

Pray forgive this unfortunate omisssion in the performance of our fealty.

I remain, M'Lady, your humble servant

Sir Donald

For more about Lady Anne Clifford, see:
Tony's Other Woman and Tony's Other Woman's Other Woman's .....




Wednesday 6th February 2013

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Les Smith


John Hn, Mike



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