BB1319 : At The Seaside

Thursday 23rd May 2013

James and John went to the seaside.

In Don’s absence, James had volunteered to be this week’s convener and organiser and although it may sound like an infant school outing, it was in fact a meticulously well planned (?), all weather expedition around Silecroft, Haverigg and Hodbarrow Point.

After parking at the Miner's Arms in Silecroft we had a quick tour round the village. (James and Catherine had a cottage in the village many years ago so it was a trip down memory lane for James.)   We then set off towards the coast and realised we were totally reliant on James’ memory as we had managed to leave the map in the car.  After climbing a couple of barbed wire fences and receiving  some directions from a bemused lady who emerged from a caravan to see what all the noise was about, we were soon on the intended route towards Haverigg prison.  A remarkable collection of high quality garden sheds was on display outside the prison.  These are all made by the prisoners and apparently Princess Anne is one of their customers.

After pausing at the Ski Club for a photo opportunity we walked out along the breakwater which was built to protect the Hodbarrow Iron Mine.

The seaward side of the barrier is made up of thousands of individually numbered concrete blocks which were manufactured locally.

This week's caption competition!

The Hodbarrow breakwater

A walk round the lagoon brought us to The Commodore Inn, which, although closed, had a pleasant, unsheltered garden which seemed ideal for the lunch stop.

By the time we had unwrapped sandwiches and poured coffee, the warm sunshine had somehow given way to a violent hailstorm.  After hurriedly packing up we took shelter in the excellent Beach Café which was surprisingly full.  We requested a Latte and an Americano and were promptly given two Rombouts coffees – neither of us had seen one of these for about 20 years!

Suitably refreshed we headed for the beach only to find our route blocked by nudists.…......or at least by their private habitat.


Naturists hiding in their caravan

Undeterred we ventured onwards through the campsite since it seemed somewhat unlikely that they would be out and about.  We also reckoned they would be more wary of us than we would be of them.

The incredible long golden sands of Haverigg beach presented us with a stunning variety of weather – sunshine, rain, sleet and another vigourous hailstorm.  The last part of our long, trudge back to Silecroft was into an exhausting headwind which probably seemed worse than it was due to the fact that we had just been discussing the tornado in Oklahoma.

Our drive home took us via Foxfield  and James recommended the Prince of Wales for a restorative pint.  A very friendly, unpretentious pub with an amazing range of real ales – the strongest one on the menu was over 11%.   The pub is just across the road from Foxfield station (a request stop).  Maybe a good place for a BootBoy’s social outing?

John, Thursday 23rd May 2013

Bryan's Monro Report

Just back myself today from a few days in Scotland.

The three Munros we did on the first day required careful navigation in the mist; and care on the snow slopes descending; but it didn't rain.  It was a big day with a long walk in and out: 21.5 miles and 4,000ft of climb.

We had clear blue sky for the two we did on the second day, although the wind made it pretty cold.  A bit easier day although still 15.5 miles and 3,500ft.

On the way home we 'popped up' (3.5 hours up and down) a sixth Munro (Schiehallion) again in good, but very cold and windy, conditions (6 miles & 2,400ft)

So the training in the bogs and mist from Kirby Stephen to Keld paid off!!

Bryan, Thursday 23rd May 2013

Coast to Coast by Tim's Support Driver

For a different perspective of Tim's marathon, see Coast 2 Coast .




Thursday 23rd May 2013

Distance in miles:

11.8 (Memory Map / OS)

Height climbed in feet:

244   (Memory Map / OS)



Other Features:

Haverrigg Prison and sands


James, John H

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