BB1325 : Don't Cry In Front Of Ladies

Tuesday 9th July 2013

At the outset ladies were to be invited but in the end they were ruled out. John PL didn't want to cry in front of them.  Quite happy to cry in front of "youse guys" though!

This was his choice of outing for his Rehabilitation Ramble. Also in rehab mode was John S. Both had been present last time we undertook this route (in reverse- BB1111). Stuart and I made up the support party, stretchers at the ready.

From the top of the lane above Browfoot, where we parked, it was a gentle stroll along the old track. Just as well as it was probably the hottest day of the year so far. The views, especially to the west over Kentmere valley were good but what were more interesting (having seen all that before!) were the tiny butterflies.  John S seemed to know a lot about them and their names (or he was convincingly making them up).  Sadly, apart from one unfortunate that was stuck upside down in some mud, they wouldn't stay still long enough to photograph properly.  I am pleased to report that the butterfly in difficulties was rescued.

Spot the butterfly

The one we saved

Lower Kentmere Valley

What were less interesting were the cleggs which were out in force seeking their lunch. Funnily enough, it is only the ladies that bite.  Pity they hadn't heeded John PL's instructions to stay away.

Dropping down towards Troutbeck, John PL used an old trick to gain a rest. He posed a question.

Why, he asked, does a bottle of carbonated water that has been frozen lose its fizz when recovered from its frozen state?  Various theories were put forward but I still think mine the most convincing.

As the water freezes, the gas is pushed out from the water and remains separated even after the bottle is thawed out and opened.

Anyone got a better explanation?

John and the missing bubbles

At Kentmere Hall we met a young lady washing orange buckets in the stream.  Thinking that there was some scientific purpose behind her activity we asked what she was doing. Washing orange buckets in the stream was the answer.  We didn't cry.

The washerwoman

Kentmere Hall

We had arranged to meet Bryan, who had been on an overnight Mongolian training exercise, at eleven at Kentmere Church.  As it was now nearer noon, Stuart and I left the others (they were at the returning point so eschewed unnecessary additional activity) to find Bryan.

The patiently waiting Bryan

Near the church, by the seat, we saw two people and a dog- a nice Border Terrier.  

It didn't occur to us that one might be Bryan (there was a clue- he had a monstrous rucksac alongside him)- we didn't expect him to have company.

I also thought he would be taking advantage of the cool inside the church.

However, it turned out that the man with the dog was a local retired farmer who was passing the time of day with this heavily burdened lone traveller.

On returning to the Hall, we found the two Johns seated under a massive tree in the only bit of shade to be found.

Underneath the spreading whatsit tree

Comitibus :  Ullthwaite Bridge

Our return route was the low level path along the west side of the valley, pausing, as we always do, at Ullthwite Bridge for the team photo before returning back to the car.

Again, as we always do, we stopped at the Staveley Beer Hall where, after all he had said about not crying in front of ladies, John PL did just that.  Right out loud he cried:

Barmaid, five pints of your finest bitter, please!

 Don, Tuesday 9th July 2013

Losing A Bit Of Weight?

Bryan adds:

My route for yesterday was 9.78 miles / 2,744ft  and today was 7.84 miles / 493ft.

Interestingly I weighed my sack when I got back (better not to know before I set off!). It was 24lbs. When I added 3 litres of water it was 28lbs.  So for those lads thinking of losing a bit of weight it might help to know that 2 stone is the equivalent of the load I carried today!

Finally Found It !

You may remember the edition concerning Tony's Other Woman ( BB1205 ).  Located not far from Lady Anne's Pillar but not mentioned in that report is another Lady Anne property, Ninekirks Church.  

Its proper name is St Ninian's Church, Ninian being Scotland's first saint and the area formerly being in Scotland.  Ninekirks is presumably a corruption of Ninian Kirk.

The church was rebuilt by Lady Anne in 1659 and was made redundant in 1977, responsibility for its upkeep then passing to the Churches Restoration Trust.

We weren't sure exaclty where it was, other than being relatively inaccessible so we did not seek it out on that occasion.

Tony, however, was determined to put that omission to rights, which he did last Sunday.

He reports:

It's literally in the middle of nowhere with no vehicular access at all and a 20 minute walk over open fields to get there.

I found the place amazing including an encounter with a couple of Llamas and apart from the addition of a porch during Victorian times it's apparently in the same original state as when Lady Anne used to worship there most Sundays when she was in residence at Brougham.

Her loyal servant, Tony




Tuesday 9th July 2013

Distance in miles:

6.8 (Garmin gps)

Height climbed in feet:

818  (Memory Map / OS)



Other Features:

Kentmere Valley


Bryan (part), Don, John PL, John S, Stuart

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