BB1332 : Come All Ye Tramps And Hawkers

Friday 20th September 2013

"Bullace," said Stan.  I thought I had misheard him.  In fact I had.

"Bullace," he explained.  "Not sloes"

I gave him a quizzical look, then it dawned on me.  It was the fruit we had seen last week ( BB1331 ).  

I knew he was right.  I had looked it up. The clues are whether there are thorns on the bushes and whether the fruit is spherical.  No thorns and spherical equals Bullace.  Otherwise Sloes.  

This tree was Bullace.


With that dispute settled we set off on our mission to take Tony to the top of Scafell Pike. At least that had been the intention.  The trouble was that Tony was exhausted from several days away decorating and was facing an exhausting weekend stagging.  He was banking on unfavourable weather and the forecast came to his aid.  Fog and mist in the morning with cloud on the summit.  Not the conditions in which we wanted to take him.

Instead, Bryan, Stan and I went for a tramp over and around Loughrigg.  We have been there often so we took such a random route that there is little point in describing our journey, especially when we have something much more interesting to read. So I will reduce the report to a few bullet points;

  • Ambulance blocking the way outside Bryan's (not for him))
  • Boots at Lowwood Hotel


Lowwood boots

  • Strings pulled to park
    at busy Brathay Trust
  • Quite a lot of people on hills
  • Bit of drizzle early on but cleared and could see Scafell but not Pike
  • Second sloe slow worm of the year ( BB1324 )
  • Two Tornado jets flying up to and over Dunmail Raise
  • Landrover challenge for Tony

Over to you, Tony

Brathay Hall


Two Tornados

Loughrigg Tarn, Wetherlam and round Langdales behind

  • Busy Loughrigg summit
  • Grasmere & Windermere
  • Loughrigg & Lily Tarns
  • Santa's sign posts
  • Large dragon fly
    (Common Hawker Male?)
  • Early finish
  • Forgot Comitibus photo
  • errr, that's it!  Except ........


Santa this way

Lily Tarn

Busy Loughrigg summit

Loughrigg Tarn, Langdales behind

Common Hawker Male

Windermere steamer

I look at my watch. It’s 4:30 a.m..

I have another 30 minutes before I have to get out of my nice warm sleeping bag so I snuggle back down.

Eight days ago I was getting on a train to London.

Six days ago my flight from Moscow landed in Ulaanbaatar.

Today I’m laid in a sleeping bag on a hard-packed mud and rock floor, inside a Mongolian ger which has gaps in it through which a cold draught creeps, making me sleep with a woolly hat on.  

The ground outside is frosty.

I am at least 80 miles away, in any direction, from any place that could be described as a village or town, with no means of communication except the group’s emergency satellite phone.

In 30 minutes time I’m going to have to leave this luxury, pack my sack, and head up for 2 nights at 3,600 metres camped on a glacier.

This is a holiday!!!

As you will have realised, this has nothing to do with the Dubliners or other gaitherers o' bla', nor our tramp to see the hawker today, other than Bryan was with us.  

It's the start of Part 2 of his epic adventure, coming soon to a screen near you.

Don, Friday 20th September 2013




Friday 20th September 2013

Distance in miles:

6.9 (Garmin GPS)

Height climbed in feet:

1,846 (Memory Map / OS)


Loughrigg, Loughrigg & Lily Tarns


Bryan, Don, Stan


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