BB1344 : Happy Crimbo !

Thursday 19th December 2013

I thought that Crimbo was a slangish word for Christmas; festive but not religious.

If you had asked me, I would have said it was invented by The Beatles.  However, according to Wiktionary (quoting the OED), my understanding of the meaning is correct but the first recorded use of the word was in 1928 whereas the Beatles word, introduced by John Lennon in 1963, was actually, as I now remember, Crimble.

The Guardian, in 2012, reported a different meaning for Crimbo.

Crimbo now stands for the

Criminal Behaviour Order

that the government is seeking to introduce to replace ASBOs, the AntiSocial Behaviour Order.  No doubt our legal minded members knew that but I didn't.

The Guardian went on to explain that a Crimbo is a preventive ban on anyone over the age of 10 which could carry a prison sentence if breached.

To the question "What is the actual difference between a Crimbo and an Asbo?" it says that the full answer is long, boring and complicated so I will say no more other than ask a different question:

Why not bring back the pillory?

The Guardian concluded by observing that if Asbo is supplanted by Crimbo, a whole generation of pitbulls will have to be renamed!

Today was the day for the last BOOTboys outing before Crimbo.  To put us in the Christmas spirit, the Mountain Weather Information Service predicted conditions to be "appalling or near zero visibility on the fells".  Just the sort of day that Bryan enjoys.  But as Bryan was in his warm and dry home, we could take a softer option.  But what happened, you will have to wait to find out. Christmas time pressures prevent processing pro-tem.   As the Bellman almost said in the Hunting of the Snark:

"The rest of my speech" (he explained to his men)

   "You shall hear when I've leisure to speak it.

But Christmas Pud is at hand, let me tell you again!

   'Tis your glorious duty to eat it!  

All I can say for the moment is that,as far as I am aware, no felonies were committed on today's outing.  Nonetheless, to misquote from the Guardian:

There are only 5 shoplifting days left.

Happy Crimbo !

Don, Thursday 19th December

The Rest Of My Speech

The forecast was for a blustery morning and a wet afternoon so all thoughts of walking over  Whitbarrow, lunching at the Derby Arms then walking back were curtailed to the first two parts.  

At least that was the intention.  The second part was scuppered before the first began.

Outmanoeuvred at the Derby Arms

On seeking to leave a car at the Derby Arms, it became apparent from the mass of parked vehicles from which walkers were being disgorged that a very large group might have similar plans.  

Martin approached them to find out.  

Walking groups are normally very friendly but not this lot.  Or at least, not the ones to whom he spoke.  Nonetheless, he did ascertain that our fears were right.  They had already booked for lunch.  We moved to the lay-by near the Gilpin Bridge Inn instead.

Logistics now demanded that we travel in one of the cars to the north end of the Scar where we started off up the hill, passing a caravan that had been blown over in the recent gales.  

Wind-blown caravan

Comitibus :  Lord's Seat, Whitbarrow Scar

The trees grow like this thanks to the wind!

Although today it was blowy, walking conditions were not unpleasant and we were able to progress along the full length of the Scar at good speed without problem.

Howgills in a glimpse of sunshine

The Kent estuary

Christmas decorations?

The boys examine the cliff face

The descent was via the great slab below the huge limestone cliffs then along to Gilpin Bridge.

Panorama of the cliff

We didn’t fancy eating there, it didn’t look particularly welcoming, so chose the revitalised Hare & Hounds in Levens.  Only it was shut.  So on we went to the Wheatsheaf at Brigsteer, arriving just as the heavens opened.

That includes you, Rudolph

You too!

Tony, see what you missed!

I do hope the Derby Arms group reached their destination in time!!!!


Joined at the Hip

Mike thought that last week's festive photo of the boys in red trousers bore a strong resemblance to the well know Siamese twins, the


Joined from shoulder to hip.

Note the large wraparound shirt and the one belt circling both waists.




Thursday 19th December 2013

Distance in miles:

5.8 (Garmin GPS)

Height climbed in feet:

761 (Memory Map / OS)




Don, James, John Hn, Martin, Mike


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 Photos have been gleaned from many sources although mostly from me!
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