BB1509 : Welcome To My Domain

Wednesday 11th March 2015

“Welcome to my domain” he said.  

This was nothing to do with computers or internet domains.  

This was real estate and the welcome came from no less a dignitary than the Chairman of the Landowners of Crosthwaite and Lyth.

Sounds very grand doesn’t it?

However Martin, for it was he, would tell you that in fact it is a charity and it exists to support local community projects.

Welcome to my domain

Nonetheless we were pleased, indeed honoured, so to be welcomed.  We asked Martin to tell us more.  That in itself was interesting as the wording he used was identical to that appearing on its website.  Only joking!  To make sure I get it right, this wording is condensed from the website of the Landowners of Crosthwaite and Lyth.

As a result of the Enclosures Acts most of the land in the Lyth valley went to the big landowners. However, under the terms of the 1815 Heversham Award three parcels of land were made over to the people of Crosthwaite and Lyth. These were the Township Allotment (155.3 hectares), the Township Plantation (47.7 hectares) and the White Scar Quarry (6.75 hectares), all on Whitbarrow Scar.

The Landowners derive income from letting out land for grazing, selling timber and from renting Whitbarrow Cottage. From the 1930s stone from the quarry made a small income but when contractors started building the new A590 road, a large amount of shilla (small pieces of limestone) was sold. The quarry is now closed.

Recently the Landowners of Crosthwaite and Lyth have obtained charitable status and the money has been used to support community projects. The village school has benefited, as has the Recreation Committee. Land was bought, drained, levelled and fenced to provide tennis courts, a bowling green, a children’s playground and a small football pitch.

Nowadays the land is primarily managed to conserve its unique biological and geological character. Along with the land on the Scar, owned by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the Landowners’ land has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) by the European Commission, which recognises that the limestone pavement, scree slopes, ancient semi-natural and deciduous woodland are all of great importance. The habitats supported by this area include rare and scarce plants and uncommon invertebrates, particularly butterflies and moths.

White Scar

It was too early a start to attract Tony but otherwise we had a good turnout considering that heavy rain was expected after noon.

In fact that was hard to believe as we climbed up by the White Scar face and on to the top of Whitbarrow Scar.  However as we travelled north, the clouds slowly began to encroach.  Sadly this meant that the splendid 360° panorama was not as clear as it might have been an hour earlier

Once we had covered the full length, we debated which way to return.  The western side won although it would mean a bit of an up and down to the scar ridge in order to progress through the woods.

Chairman upset by tracks

Comitibus :  Whitbarrow

At the top of the up we stopped for a coffee break.  Whilst we were there the naughty, nasty rain started, a good hour earlier than it was supposed to. Waterproofs were quickly donned - in my case first having to remove a layer thereby giving James an unwanted photo opportunity! The plan changed to get us over to the woods on the east side which would enable us to pick up sheltered path back to the car.

On the return I phoned Tony to see if he could meet us at the Strickland Arms for an after-walk pint.  Sadly he couldn't, which was a great shame as I was looking forward to his greeting:  Welcome to MY domain!

Don 11th March 2015




Wednesday 11th March 2015

Distance in miles:


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Whitbarrow Scar


Bryan, Don, James, Martin, Stan, Terry

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