BB1510 : Not Just The Coniston Fell Race

Wednesday 18th March 2015

The Coniston Fell Race is held in May every year.  The circuit is 8.7 miles and 3,494 feet of climbing.  The record of 63.29 minutes was set as far back as 1996 by a modern day legend of the fells, eight times winner Ian Holmes.

You can get an idea of the nature of the terrain and the athletes participating by clicking on Coniston Fell Race.  What struck me was the amount of grey hair and the man carrying a bike.

Stan, like Bryan, has taken part on several occasions, his best time being just under two hours so you can see how good this guy was.

Ian Holmes

Roger T

It was Stan's idea that today we should follow the route although, rightly, he did not expect the record to be under any sort of threat.

There was a sad overtone to the day.  

Our friend Roger T, jolly Westmerian raconteur and occasional BOOTboy, sadly died earlier in the week and our thoughts were with Vickie and their family.  

However, Roger would have been the last person to want us to forego the outing.  

We parked by the Coniston show ring and took the Coppermines Valley track to the Miner's Bridge then up the ridge to Lower Hows and on to Wetherlam.  

I had my clothing strategy completely wrong.  

It was a rather better day than forecast yet I had dressed in my heavy winter clothing that I should have used in the awful conditions on BB1508. Consequently I got rather hot and encumbered by the large padded jacket!

The Old Man of Coniston across Coppermines alley

Crinkle Crags with Bowfell behind, as seen from Wetherlam

Next was the descent to Swirl Hause and the climb up Prison Band.  From a distance this looks formidable but actually, once on it, it is perfectly safe, it's just getting longer as the legs get older.  At last we reached Swirl How at which point we decided that the race route was somewhat lacking in challenge and that it would be a good idea for John's Wainwright collection if we were to visit Great Carrs and the remains of the Halifax bomber that crashed there in 1944.  

Climbing Prison Band, Wetherlam behind

Stan at the memorial.

It then seemed a good idea to take in Grey Friar, which otherwise would be an awkward outlier, to add to the total.  Coincidentally we met there a group of Kendal Fellwalkers, including one of Bryan's buddies and a guy who knew Stan from decades back.

Do Not Throw - Say No

Comitibus :  Brim Fell

Fortunately, rather than return to Swirl How we found a traversing path (not that I am a great fan of traversing paths) that led eventually to Brim Fell and another W.

From there it was a relatively short and easy climb to the sixth W, Coniston Old Man, the summit of which was extremely busy with students on a brief visit from Birmingham.

The busy Old Man summit from Brim Fell

The Dow Crag cliffs

Of course, we were now back on the race route so duly descended by the Tourist Route.  As we passed the mine workings, to our surprise there was blasting in progress. We thought they were closed.

Low Water below the Old Man

Old mine buildings

Stan surveys the Coppermines valley and the skyline around which we trod

The track was hard underfoot but did lead us safely back to Coniston in, it must be admitted, a rather longer time than it would have taken Ian Holmes.  Or Stan in his heyday.  

We finished the day at the Black Bull Inn where we raised a glass in memory of Roger.  We will miss him.

Don, 18th March 2015

PS The stats say today's 4,231 feet is the most height climbed on a BB day since 2010!

PPS The practice of "Lovelocks" has now crept into the Lake District.  Not sure that I approve.

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Wednesday 18th March 2015

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Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Brim Fell, Coniston Old Man


Don, John Hn, Stan

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