BB1516 : Parts 2 and 3

Thursday 7th May 2015

Part 2:

Meanwhile, unable to escape sufficiently early to join the main party, I drove to the southern end of the lake and hared off up the forested hill at a remarkably (for me) fast pace.  Tree felling had opened up the views across to the distant hills.

The descent was initially at ramming speed but had to be slowed as the stones grew slippier.  On reaching the destination at their expected time, there was no sight of them.

This caused a dilemma at the cafe. To eat or not eat ?  I thought it more comitibusy to wait although an ice cream was permitted.  So there I was in the sunshine, sitting and licking and waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  What could have gone wrong?

Eventually, an hour behind schedule, they arrived.  They didn't seem entirely sure as to where they had been but had stopped for lunch at a superb viewpoint.  Lunch?  They were supposed to have lunch here with me in the cafe!

Now it was my turn to make them wait.  Lasagne and chips.  To be fair, some of them (no names) decided that a second lunch of sausage roll and chips would be a good idea so there was no pressure from them for an early departure.  So, after an hour and a half break (for me), we were ready for Part 3.

Part 3:

Sorry, I just realised that as no Part 1 report has been received, you won't know where we were!

The boys were walking the fells on the east side of Coniston Water, south to north.  I had parked at the north end and had raced over to the Grisedale Visitor Centre for the rendezvous.

Exactly how they got there was something about which they were rather vague other than it wasn't the route I had suggested and their gpss had either run out of juice or hadn't been switched on.  The map and stats are based on later information from befuddled memories. No, they hadn't been drinking.  I think.

Now united, we decided to climb Carron Crag before reversing my route.  Had we just used the map, there would not have been a problem but we used the route cards provided by Grizedale.  These comprised a card with several cycle trails and another with several walking trails with similar coloured markings.  There were also markers on the paths, some with numbers that ought to have been helpful.  They w

eren't.  Perhaps we needed to go an a training session but the combined effect seemed uncoordinated confusion.

Intelligent guesswork led us along a reasonably gentle route cycle route south then we switched to a walking route north, past some interesting man-made features, leading to the final steep but short ascent to an excellent 360° panorama.

Thereafter it was a relatively straightforward descent to the car and a drive south along the west side of the lake to the Red Lion at Lowick Bridge where the 4th part of day began.

Don, 7th May 2015


Spotted at a top secret research location in Northern Scotland last week:

Don’s latest project to assist BOOTboys in their bog-hopping endeavours appears to have foundered!





Thursday 7th May 2015

Distance in miles:

Parts 1 & 3: 12.7

Parts 2 & 3: 9.2

Height climbed in feet:

Parts 1 & 3: 2,332

Parts 2 & 3: 1,643


Grisedale Forest, Carron Crag


Parts 1 & 3:
James, John, Mike, Tony

Parts 2 & 3:

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