BB1519 : What Happened To The Clag?

Wednesday 27th May 2015

What is happening to the weather forecasts?  Yet again the forecast did not live up to its evil billing and had we known in advance,we would probably have gone higher.  

Nevertheless, with John missing, we were still able to help Terry to pull two back on their comparative Wainwright counts.

Holme Fell and Black Crag make a good circuit for poor weather, especially when the Hodge Close Quarry and the Cathedral Cave are thrown in for good measure. Plus, there is the passing-by of one of Lakeland's most frequented attraction- Tarn Hows.

We didn't expect the weather to be poor on Holme Fell as we set off from near Glen Mary Bridge but nor we did expect to be able to see the tops of Coniston Old Man, Wetherlam and all the other local peaks.  They were supposed to be enshrouded in clag with rain to come in about 3 p.m..  In fact they were virtually cloud free, making us wonder what we were doing down low.

Yew Tree Farm

Black crag from Holme Fell climb

Langdales round to Fairfield from Holme Fell

After Holme Fell we passed the two small reservoirs before reaching Hodge Close Quarry.  

Reservoir 1.....

..... and 2

It seemed to be Abseil Day.  We first met a man who had just climbed the steep path out of the quarry, puffing and observing that abseiling down was a lot easier then climbing back out.  Those in charge appeared to be lowering a young girl down the sheer cliff face.

A little further along were mum, dad and two lads aged about 8, all properly kitted out for their leap into the unknown.

We preferred a safer way down- the old trolley trail.  The descent and ascent were enlivened by a "walk the log" test which, much to my amazement, I think I won!  The view at the bottom did not need enlivening.  It is quite spectacular.

At the end of the trolley track

The old timers (Photo courtesy of Alistair Cameron)

Click on Coniston and Hawkshead National Trust for more information.

More ancient workings were then passed as we then sought out the Cathedral Quarry which is also spectacular.

Cathedral Quarry

Terry conquers Black Crag

Comitibus : Near Cathedral Quarry

Panavista from Black Crag

After lunching outside the quarry, overlooking Little Langdale, we set off east for the second Wainwright for Terry.  The increasingly steep climb from Hollin Bank led to that point: Black Crag (although AW prefers to call it Black Fell).

The return to the car was via an unusual route round Torver Intake to Tarn Hows.  Maybe it was my sheltered upbringing but I don't remember seeing goslings before.

Tarn Hows

Geese and goslings

To be fair to the forecasters, around this time the clag was coming down on the high hills and the first hint of the rain arrived.  After we reached the Brown Horse at Winster it started to pour down.  But by then it was our insides that were being wetted!

Don, Wednesday 27th May 2015

Nepal Update

Much of the discussion today concerned Nepal, not surprisingly since this was the first time we had seen Bryan since his return just a week before the disaster.  Terry, if you recall, had returned a few days earlier and, between them, they had much on which to reflect.

By coincidence Philip e-mailed me with an evocative video clip of the "before and after" as produced by Rotary Club of Dhulikhel.  Click on the picture for remarkable photos and videos of the disaster.




Wednesday 27th May 2015

Distance in miles:

10.5 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

2,292 (OS / Memory Map)


Holme Fell, Hodge Close Quarry
Cathedral Cave, Black Crag


Bryan, Don, Martin, Terry, Tony


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