BB1521 : Not Too Shabby !

Wednesday 10th June 2015

What? 18 miles and 8,700 feet ???

Well, wouldn't you panic if that is what you thought you were being asked to do?

I did wonder if Bryan had an ulterior motive when he chided me for suggesting an Eastern Fells trip when the weather and length of day begged for us to travel further afield.

So when I then proposed the Coledale Round, back he came with those frightening statistics.  However, on closer reading it became apparent that it was he who was aiming for those figures, leading a group of the Kendal Fellwalkers "A" team, and, as he was unable to join us today, he wanted us to do a PARTIAL reconnoitre for him.

Panic over.

One reason for choosing this route, other than it providing many Wainwrights for John and Terry, is that I knew it was one of Stan's favourites.  Another is that I hadn't been there since BB0613 despite having been seriously impressed with the experience.  Thank you, Bryan, for stirring me into action.

The Coledale Round- Grisedale Pike to the right

The climb up Grisedale Pike from Braithwaite seemed relentless and ever steepening but once completed you have the major hard work out of the way and can enjoy the relatively less arduous undulations of the Round.

Looking down the ascent route of Grisedale Pike

Looking back to Grisedale Pike

Hopegill Head is reached by arching round Hobcarton Edge and, as before, Stan took the path by the lip and I (and others) kept well away.  However the edge, path (indeed most of the paths seen today) seemed much wider than I recall and, as a result, less exposed.

You can just see Stan, in front near the edge

Looking back round the edge to Grisedale Pike

At Coledale Hause we picked up a motorway that led up through much more gentle terrain, turning left at the col for Crag Hill (a.k.a. Eel Crag).  Here taskmaster Stan at last allowed those starving to eat but insisted that only 15 minutes would be permitted.  To be fair, we still had a lot of ground to cover.

Stan. Terry, Martin and John not looking down Coledale and over to Skiddaw

Between Crag Hill and Sail is The Scar- a narrowish ridge with steep drops on either side.

Dropping down to Sail Pass and up to Scar Crags is an altogether different matter- long, wide, artificial, serpentine paths in both directions before another narrow ridge is gained, this time to Causey Pike.

Looking back to Sail and (Eel) Crag Hill

The serpentine path to Causey Pike

Panorama to the south from Sail Pass

Panorama to the east from Causey Pike

Reversing our track over its triple (or is it quadruple?) peak, we then dropped down on a path through deep heather to High Moss, surveying en-route the areas about which Bryan wanted our report. The route he was contemplating pioneering seemed already to have been developed by others into a distinct path through some bracken and mostly heather.

Next, the penultimate Wainwright of the day, Outerside, a steep but not too long climb, again via a trail through the heather.

  Outerside, Stile End and Barrow with Grisedale Pike behind, to the left

Here our paths diverged.  I wanted to continue along the ridge and approach Barrow via Stile End.  The others favoured the more direct traverse.  Theirs proved a little quicker but we reconvened at Barrow Door for the final ascent of the day, a relatively gentle one to Barrow.  

Terry recuperating on Barrow in front of the Coledale Round

From then on, it was all downhill via High Coledale to Braithwaite.  Except, that wasn't where the car was parked. We had a short bonus climb back to where the car had been left at the start of the walk.

The outing finished at the Royal Oak where we initiated the new BOOTboys toast.  Rather than the ubiquitous and rather boring "Cheers", we now celebrate the day with the salutation "To The Comitibus".  At least that should puzzle those around us!

Comitibus :  Above Braithwaite

So, Bryan, we didn't manage 18 miles and 8,700 feet but I don't think 11½ miles and 4,800 feet too shabby a performance for a bunch of old men.  In fact it's our biggest for 5 years.

Don, Wednesday 10th June 2015

PS Bryan's route starts at Stoneycroft (NY232217) and goes over Barrow; Sail; Crag Hill (Eel Crag), Wandope; Whiteless Pike; Grasmoor; Lad Hows; Rannerdale Knotts; Ard Crags; and finally Causey Pike.  Any takers?


The Priest's Hole Cave

Last week I made reference to our lack of visit to the Priest's Hole Cave.

Bryan has informed me that as part of a series called Secret Caves, an item about the Priest's Hole was featured in Trail Magazine in April this year.  

Click on the picture to find out more.




Wednesday 10th June 2015

Distance in miles:

11.5 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

4,869 (Memory Map)


Grisedale Pke. Hopegill Head, Eel Crag / Crag Hill,
Sail,  Scar Crags, Causey Pike, Outerside, Barrow


Don, John, Martin, Stan, Terry

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