BB1536 : Coming of (Old) Age

Thursday 22nd October 2015

What was I doing when I turned 18?  Fifty years later, sad to say, I can't remember.  I can't even recall if that was then the "coming of age" age or whether it was still 21.  I suspect the latter which I can just about remember though how I managed to drive home after the party in the Henry Price building in Leeds defeats me.

What I do remember is having several of my 21st birthday presents stolen as a result of a burglary in the house where I had my grotty little student flat.

I also recall that the Henry Price building was constructed over the graveyard where reputedly the circus proprietor Pablo Fanques (1796 to 1871) was buried.


Don't you remember?

For the benefit of Mr. Kite
There will be a show tonight
on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there
Late of Pablo Fanques' fair,
what a scene

Anyway, enough of me and The Beatles.  These celebrations were for Harry, Ian's son, who has just turned 18.  Though punishment might be more apt word! Dragging the poor lad out on the fells when winds of over 50 mph are forecast.

Start point was near Hallow Bank where we had a debate whether to do a clockwise or anticlockwise tour of the three valleys.  As per BB1340, this concept was chosen as a means of enjoying a serious outing without having to experience too high an altitude and too strong a wind but unlike that outing we decided on anti-clockwise.

Start point:  Hallow Bank, Kentmere

Sadgill Bridge, Longsleddale

There was a bit of wind on our backs as we climbed the Tetherer bridle path over to Sadgill but nothing too serious.  Then began the long climb of Upper Longsleddale.  Don't be fooled by reaching the plateau at Brownhowe Bottom- there is still the Gatesgarth Pass to be overcome. It is a little off putting to look up and see the summit gate so far above you. Fortunately the ascent wasn't too much of a problem.  True the wind did blow very strongly at times. But not for long and nothing like what we experienced last time.

River Sprint Falls

Climbing Gatescarth Pass to the gate

Looking up Longsleddale

Looking back down Longsleddale

Mardale Head, Haweswater

Son and father, snack time

We stopped for a snack at Mardale Head, overlooking a rather low Haweswater. With a good imagination you could make out the drowned village walls.

As we climbed the Nan Bield Pass it did get rather blowy again and I had to resort, to the dismay of all others, to my ski goggles to stop my eyes from watering.  The trouble is that with the goggles on, you can't see your feet which is a bit of a problem rocky ground.  So they didn't stay on long.

Looking back to Small Water, Haweswater beyond

Comitibus: Nan Bield shelter

At the top of the pass we took second lunch on the west side of the Nan Bield shelter. The sun was shining and there was little wind.  

From there it was a pleasant but uneventful descent back to Hallow Bank and the car.  

From there it was a pleasant but uneventful descent by car to the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley.

Here's to you, Harry

In there, it was a very pleasant venue to celebrate Harry's "coming of age".

Also to celebrate further deferment of our "coming of old age".  

Or perhaps were are already there.

Harry probably thought as much given all the geriatric talk of Drugs (statins), Sex (gender of grandchildren) and Rock'n'Roll -something we do remember from way back, as the recollection of Pablo Fanques proves.

Don, Thursday 22nd 2015




Thursday 22nd October 2015

Distance in miles:

11.4 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

3,171 (Memory Map / OS)


Tetherer, Gatescarth and Nan Bield Passes


Don, Harry, Ian, John Hn, Martin Cn, Martin Sn,


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