BB1601 : The Mauve Welly BOOTboy

Tuesday 4th January 2016

Who was the Mauve Welly BOOTboy?  

There's a clue in the pictures that accompany Mike's report:

Don had unfortunately to pull out of the walk at short notice. Truth be told, this generally means that the walk doesn't happen. Some were heard muttering the night before “Let's not bother” but it was decided, mostly because the largest in the proposed party, and your reluctant writer of this report, hadn't been out much lately. We all needed a walk, let's face it. Someone suggested that instead of the slated Old Man of Coniston expedition, postponed due to the poor weather forecast, we should go from a certain country house hotel south of Bowness, and that there may be sausages available.

It was agreed then. No photos taken this time of the sausages, because as we got out of the cars to put our boots on, one poor chap (no names no pack-drill, but the clue IS in the pictures) found he had brought his wife's walking boots instead of his own. Sadly he wasn't able to fill her boots. With his feet. Unlike Don's cat ............ but that's another story which will no doubt will be embellished by our leader.

What to do? Said hotel must have some size 9s knocking around, surely? Sadly no. The hotel does have a lot of phone chargers but it's rare that people leave their boots behind. But it does have wellies, and not just any old wellies; Hunters to be precise. But no size 9s. The 10s were too big, so the 8s had to be squeezed into.

Now we weren't going out on a treacherous walk today, but conditions were very wet underfoot.

So would it transpire that the welly-boot-boy be better off than the rest, or would the wellies prove to not be up to the task?

There was some debate as to the colour of them wellies.

I have an app which I.D.s colours. It says with an annoying American accent, “Biloba Flower, or Periwinkle, or Melrose” depending where you point it.

We went for mauve; much simpler.

Any other offers?


The plan was the 'done before' 9+ mile Bowness/Windermere 3 peaks i.e. Brantfell, which includes Post Knott; School Knott, and Orrest Head. It would be wet under foot, but when you're wearing wellies who cares? The weather was, after a short initial shower, great. Brantfell gave up some fabulous views and the sun was even teasing us. Tony wanted to know what the ironmongery was doing in the stone on top. Bit low for a fence. Any suggestions?

Post Knott followed, an easy peak downgraded by the writer to only half a peak.

As you make your way North off Post Knott, the Dome, a Grand Design house, now a B&B, is on the left. You can buy it through Strutt&Parker for just £1.85M.

As we walked nearer to the path leading up to School Knott, one BOOTboy seemed not too keen to get to the top, said he'd done it before and there was no need to do it again. Others followed too quickly perhaps, so, this meant we'd only done 1½ peaks so far. Onwards and upwards then, nearing 12 noon, lunch was becoming more frequently mentioned in conversation as in "it's time I had me effing lunch".

The BOOTboys hadn't hit the buffers yet as they intrepidly crossed the railway twixt Windermere & Kendal.

Eventually we made it to the top of Orrest Head where it was a real pleasure to sit, eat, drink and enjoy the view.

From there it was a quick yomp down to Bowness to the famous Hole In t' Wall - "not another b***** Robinsons pub" someone was heard to mention. Most of the pubs in Bowness are Robinsons, but we enjoyed a tasty pint with a Dizzy Blonde. (N.B. There was no evidence of any of the BOOTboys giving up beer in January!)

The subject of motorcycles came up as it often does.

Stan reported that some rare Broughs had been found in a barn somewhere.

What's a Brough you might well ask?

Just click on the picture to find some staggering amounts paid for old bikes, especially Broughs and even bits of Broughs.


Finally, after the soothing ale, it was a relatively short uphill walk to the hotel car park. On the way Martin noticed what he thought must be a very confused bush; with beautiful flowers. Not quite matching the wellies though.

As to the welly wearer, it was tricky getting them off, but eventually they succumbed. The steam rose out of the boots and the wearer was heard to mutter "I'll have black toenails in the morning". Well done him though. The first BOOTboy to wear wellies on a walk perhaps?

Mike, Tuesday 4th January 2016

Editor's afternote:  Wellies

I don't recall any BOOTboys previously wearing wellies, mauve or otherwise, although I do remember several outings on which it would have been a good idea.  Also there was one (BB0812) where A A Milne's wellie-boot poem about John was plagiarised and another (BB1526) where we observed a remarkable display of such items.

Regarding the episode with the cat hinted at earlier, the poor thing was trapped in our kitchen.  Rather than upsetting Margaret by making a mess on the carpet, she found a most thoughtful alternative into which to perform. My walking footwear.  She (the cat) now has a new pantomimish name.  

P#ss in Boots.




Tuesday 4th January 2016

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:



Brant Fell, Orrest Head


John Hn, Martin Cn, Mike, Stan, Terry, Tony


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