BB1613 : Fabs Two, Three, Four & Five

Thursday 21st March 2016

The Fab Three (John, Mike & Terry) were away on a Fab Four (John, Paul, George & Ringo) extravaganza down in Liverpool which meant there was the opportunity for the Fab Five (Bryan, Tony, Martin, Stan & Yours Truly) to undertake a Wainwright Catch-up.  To be more precise, it is only the Fab Two (Stan & me) who are undertaking another Wround but the others played happily along with us.

Temperature inversion over Windermere

On scouring the records I discovered to my surprise that there was only one hill that John and Terry had climbed but Stan and I had not on this Wround- Beda Fell. This was the ideal opportunity to put that right.

To make it more interesting, we thought that Place Fell, one of the best vantage points in the Far Eastern book, should be added to the outing.

We had contemplated starting (and finishing) from (at) Martindale but it would have meant a rather long drive so, instead, we chose a route that Bryan had been up a couple of years ago.

Place Fell from Kirkstone Pass

This starts from Patterdale and eschews the normal traipse up Place Fell, taking a much lesser known route by Hare Shaw to The Knight. 

In fact it was a good path, albeit steeper on average than the southern approach.

Helvellyn range beyond Patterdale

Glendridding rubble after the storms

Spot the two man boat

I was still looking for the Knight when I realised that the trig point just ahead of me was the Place Fell summit.  So where he went I don’t know but it matters little.

  Stan surveys the skyline

Closer view of the Helvellyn range

Tony atop Place Fell

Heading north-east

To reach our, well mine and Stan’s, main objective we needed to head north-east to Sleet Fell and a path that drops down to Boredale.  Unfortunately we missed the path and reached a cairn from which there was a fine view over the northern end of Ullswater but how on earth were we to get down to the valley? Bryan and Stan had no doubts.  Straight down, diretissimo.  Fortunately there is no bracken at the moment, otherwise I reckon it would have been severely challenging.  As it was, it was steep but on the right side of frighteningly so.

Where to place your satellite dish

Comitibus : Boredale

The ridge route up by Howstead Brow seemed long and at times unrelenting but eventually we reached Beda Head.

Fairfield straight ahead

Last week's objectives:  The Nab and Brunt Howe

Objective achieved, it was a generally easy descent back to Patterdale enlivened by a minor altercation with two youths who were riding trials bikes on the bridle path and claiming a "Green Lane Licence" as granting them permission. Hmm. The only such named licence I could find on Google afterwards was in Ilford and incorporated the prefix "off" !

The descent to Patterdale

Green Lane licensees?

I had worried that the forecast 60% chance of rain might scupper achieving our objective or at least make it quite unpleasant but in fact it didn’t rain, the air was clear and the sun mostly shone.  The views were “fab”.  So was the pint at the Kirkstone Inn that would normally have been the end of the excitement.


However on the way home, nearing Troutbeck, we discovered that two cars had collided and the wheel from one lay between them.

The road was completely blocked and would be for a long while.  We had to turn round and take the long way back down the Struggle into Ambleside.  

Not such a “fab” finish to the day and definitely not for the folk stood gloomily around the wreckage.

Don, 21st March 2016




Thursday 31st March 2016

Distance in miles:

10.0 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

3,420 (Anquet)


Place Fell, Beda Fell


Bryan, Don, Martin, Stan, Tony


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