BB1620 : Happy Birthday, Dear Wifey

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Mea Culpa.  You think I'd know by now that just because a hill looks more or less like than the one you are seeking, that doesn't mean that it is the one you are seeking.  Especially on a dull day without the sun to lend a directional hand.

Stop trying to make the map fit the view (or vice versa) and


Had I done that we would have made much more sensible progress to Brunt Knott, our objective.  

On the other hand, had we done that, we would not have made our first ascent of Ullgraves- a pleasant little hill from which you can see the white side of White Howe beyond, well, White Side !  

I think!

Ullgraves summit

A dull picture of the whites!

Before climbing the hill, we had started from Garnett Bridge at the mouth of Longsleddale.


A dancing ostrich

Garnett Bridge duck

Tangled trees

Looking up Longsleddale

We wandered up the valley until we came to the ruined farmhouse, Tenter Howe, from whence we climbed and then made the error.

Anyway, having established where we were, thanks to John sensibly checking where his phone thought we were, we then progressed unerringly over Potter Fell.

The Kentmere tops beyond Potter Fell

I got a good dose of heather-scratching on the bare legs, and through a broken wall where a couple of wallers were making repairs and commenting on the abundance of ticks.

Tenter Howe ruins

The waller

I checked my scarred limbs but they appeared to be tick free so we continued on up to Brunt Knott and lunch.

Stan on the summit

The Crinkles, Bowfell and the Langdales from Brunt Knott

The Kent Estuary from Brunt Knott

I had to be back early so we then simply headed on down to Longsleddale, noting the Meg and Mog house in the distance and also the magnificent sea of bluebells in the woods.

Of interest are the slate slabs placed vertically by the side of the track. Although they appear like tombstones, we believe that they mark ancient field boundaries.

A bluebell wood

The ancient field boundary markers

No post-walk drinkies today, I was off home to show Margaret her birthday present- a Longsleddale washing photo.

Happy Birthday dear wifey!

Don, Wednesday 25th May 2016




Wednesday 25th May 2016

Distance in miles:

8.8 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,576 (Memory Map)


Ullgraves, Potter Fell, Brunt Knott


Don, John, Stan, Tony

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