BB1624 : IN or OUT ?  That Was The Question

Wednesday 21st June 2016

By the time you read this, the result will be known.  However when we set off, the IN or OUT question had not been resolved. Different opinions were held and, although a consensus might have been possible, for the time being we had more pressing matters on our minds.  One for which there was a good turnout.

Dovedale is one of Stan's favourite parts of the Lake District and its circuit provided the opportunity to boost both John's and Terry's Wainwright count.

Dovedale, Helvellyn peeping behind

From the Cow Bridge car park we wove our way up through the woods to meet and climb the Hartsop Above How ridge line. Then the hard work of the steep ascent up to Hart Crag began.

Stan looks back on from whence we came....

..... and on to delights ahead

Hart Crag and Fairfield from Hartsop Above How

Once completed, that was it.  The hard work was now out of the way. We could enjoy the views, although visibility wasn't wonderful, especially where the clouds was shading the hills. Also, there was a surprisingly strong cold wind blowing so we didn't linger too long anywhere.

Helvellyn and Striding Edge in the sunlight

Dove Crag is a gentle stroll from Hart Crag following which we dropped down to Bakestones Moss before the modest challenge of Little Hart Crag.

Descending to Little Hart Crag

The ridge then continues along to its final bump, High Hartsop Dodd. This is one of those tops that make you wonder how on earth are you going to get down.  The drop to the valley on either side is serious and the way ahead looks impossible.  But actually, as you start to descend, the path reveals itself and winds safely down the nose of the hill.  It is steep and the consensus was that it was better going down this way than up it, as I had originally proposed until talked out of it by Stan.

Down from High Hartsop Dodd

Just follow Stan back to Brotherswater

At the bottom is Brotherswater. where an unexpected aspect of IN or OUT arose.  Should Terry indulge his passion for skinny-dipping?

A vote was taken. IN or OUT of the water? 

Comitibus: Near Brotherswater

Go on Terry - IN !

Five were IN favour.  Robin sat on the fence (without serious injury). Terry however didn't want to frighten the ducks so claimed he had the casting vote.  OUT  Or to be more precise:  NOT IN.  You can only get OUT if you have been IN as every cricket fan will tell you.

That's what we came down!

A fine specimen

When we reached The Kirkstone Inn, the IN or OUT question raised its head again.  It was tempting to elect for OUT  After all it seemed the sunnier prospect whereas if we were to choose IN it would be a comparatively dull environment.  However there was a very cold wind blowing and it would soon become rather uncomfortable if we were to be OUT  The vote was unanimous.  IN.

Kirkstone Inn or Out?

We would drink inside the pub, not outside.

What else did you think I might have been talking about?

Don, Wednesday 21st June 2016


Meanwhile, Bryan was OUT

Bryan had a "grand night out" under the stars last night.

He reports:

Got to Rosthwaite about 4:30pm and found a spot to bivvy near the top of Green Gable about 8-ish

Grand night. Had the hills to myself most of the time.

There was a superb moonrise over Glaramara just before I went to sleep, and then I was woken by bright sunshine at 5:30.

Highly recommended





Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Distance in miles:

8.3 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

2,963 (Memory Map)


Hartsop Above How, Hart Crag, Dove Crag
Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd


Don, John, Martin, Mike, Robin, Stan, Terry

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