BB1637 :  The Signs they are a Changin’

Thursday 27th October 2016

The Don was away and there were to be only three.  Martin, Mike & Terry, all dwellers of the Lyth Valley, are on a green kick. It was forecast to be wettish and very windy on top in the Lakes, so why not hit the heights of Eastern Lyth instead?

Meeting at the Hare & Hounds and walking South over the A590 to Levens Park.

Mike was worried about lunch. Well if you set off earlier than usual and don’t drive far, you have to walk a long way before you can take lunch.  Tony’s 12 o’clock would even seem late.

There was no need to be worried, no need to be nervous, because Martin’s cunning plan took the three intrepid hikers over the A590 to Levens Deer Park.  

Unsurprisingly, wildlife spotters can always predict a sighting of deer here. Right now there are some nice antlers on view. On to Force Bridge Sedgwick to watch the fishes laugh as they swim out of the path and up the river.

Yes, we did see some and Mike was quick enough to snap one, although we couldn’t see if it was laughing! Martin asked the lady of the house whether it’d been a good year for leaping salmon. “No”, was the answer. “Not really, they seem to be fewer each year”

Click on the picture to see the action

We also a saw a large Heron which knew it was beaten in the predator stakes when it saw us, because it skedaddled sharpish.

Mike got excited when he saw the sign for Barn Shop but was quickly told that there was no reason to get excited, as we weren’t going there.  

There was light at the end of the tunnel though.

Mike was compensated by the suggestion of coffee at the Sizergh Castle NT Cafe instead.  We’d only done 4 miles. Stop already? Staff there were personally welcoming one as we arrived, they were apparently expecting to be mobbed - half term.

Onwards and upwards to Helsington and Mike was once again disappointed. This sign showing key buildings on the West side of the Lyth Valley but didn’t have his house on it.

More wildlife on Scout Scar. We were feeling bullish.

Up on the Scar the colours were looking beautiful.

Lunch was finally taken at the Mushroom and a welcome shelter, we certainly didn’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blew, it came from every direction! This was a site for previous BB’s lunches.

The walk back needed a decision, repeated a short distance on the Scar then we dropped down at Barrowfield Farm, where we were informed that the that the road was not a right of way and we had too take a detour through the woods, which proved to be a peaceful walk through the woods.

Then it was back onto the high road over Brigsteer, down to Cinderbarrow and on to the Hare & Hounds and we stopped in for a beer.

On leaving Terry said “Mamma is this really the end?” Actually no, as he still had to walk up the hill to Greengate.

Not a bad length and a reasonable climb for the intrepid trio of Lyth.

Terry, Thursday 27th October 2016

In recognition of the new Nobel Prize for literature, a few Bob Dylan lyrics & references have been inserted. Have fun trying to spot them.




Wednesday 19th October 2016

Distance in miles:

12.3 miles (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,378 (MemoryMap OS)


Scout Scar


Martin, Mike, Terry

Map shown: Anquet Harvey's

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