BB1639 : He Who Shall Not Be Named

Wednesday 9th November 2016

Well, he who shall not be named won.  In a state of shock and fatigue (some of us had been up half the night) we met and agreed.  He shall not be discussed nor shall his name pass our lips.  Except to note that John was not with us and the suspicion was that he had to go down to the bookies with his wheelbarrow to collect his winnings.  

Given the late start, Bryan’s suggestion was that we head up the Kentmere Valley to the Nan Bield Pass then make a decision on what next.  We (Terry, Robin, Martin and I) agreed.

It was very overcast as we headed up the Valley but not precipitating.  We took a wide berth but we were definitely not worrying the rams who were far more interested in food than butting us.  

Upper Kentmere Valley

Rams snouts in trough

We soon hit the snow.  Having fallen in the night (unlike He Who), it was still very soft and progressively deep underfoot.  A good 6 inches must have come down and drifting had made deeper pits.

Kentmere Reservoir and the surrounding hills looked like something straight out of a Wainwright sketch book.  

Yes, this is a genuine photo taken today.  Honest.

Bryan passes the fell ponies

As we neared the top of the Nan Bield Pass, the clouds began to clear.

Approaching the top of the Nan Bield Pass

We reached the Nan Bield shelter and were surprised to find it occupied. Not that it mattered as it faces north and the weather was clearing from the south.  We scrorped off the snow to make a ledge on which to sit and take lunch.

Clearing the seats!

Nan Bield shelter, Harter Fell behind

Now the big decision.  This is a four way junction.  There was no question of carrying on north to Haweswater.  Climbing round the west side of the valley to Froswick and its pals was ruled out as taking too long.  Retreating south was for wimps.  So we girded loins to venture east up Harter Fell. The scene was alpine.  The snow was deep and it was hard work.  

Kidsty Pike and Small Water

Nearing Harter Fell summit

Comitibus: Harter Fell

Once we topped out, we followed the fence line to Kentmere Pike.

The Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick range looked spectacular in the swirling clouds and the temperature inversion.

Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick

This way, sir

Rather than continue along the ridge to Shipman Knots and the Titherer Pass, we pioneered a new route.

This seems to have descended between the two paths that Bryan knew but were totally obscured by snow.

It was tricky- not frighteningly steep but riddled with hidden holes and sneakily slippery rocks to attack your slithering bottom.

Eventually we reached the valley road just as the moon was rising- apparently in four days time it will be a Perigree Moon- the largest since 1948.

Nearing civilisation

Moonrise at Kentmere Church

It was getting dark when we reached the cars parked by the Kentmere Church and drove down to the Brewery in Staveley. We had done well.  A whole day with no mention of "He Who".

On the way home I put the CD player on.  

It had one of the grandchildren's songs on it.

To be more accurate, it had one of my childhood favourites that I had recorded for the grandchildren

It was Mandy Miller.

And she was singing Nellie the Elephant.  

Mandy Miller

Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk
and said goodbye to the circus

Hang on, isn't the Elephant the symbol of the friends of "He Who Shall Not Be Named"?


Off she went with a ......

No! No! No!  That's He Who Shall Not Be Named!

Don (definitely not Don$$$)
Wednesday 9th November

PS  My thanks to Bryan for using my camera to take several of the photos because my hands were too cold to click the button.

Afternote:  An interesting aspect of Nellie the Elephant is that the rhythm and tempo of the song is often used to teach people the rhythm of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, requiring a beat of 100 compressions per minute.    Apparently it is important to make sure you give a good strong push on each mention of "Nellie".




Wednesday 9th November 2016

Distance in miles:

10.0 miles (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

2,549 (Garmin)


Nan Bield, Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike


Bryan, Don, Martin, Robin, Terry

Map shown: Anquet Harveys 1:25k

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