BB1644 : Dear Tony; Dear Bryan 

Thursday 22nd December 2016

Email from Bryan to Tony
20th December

Dear Tony,

When I told Don I was doing the 13 tarns recce today he said you'd be interested as you were disappointed to miss the 8 tarns version last week.

I forgot to follow up, remembering part way round today.

You missed a grand day.  15 miles / 5,000 ft. In the clag for most of the day. Challenging navigation - almost walked past one tarn that was less than 20 feet from me!

Lunch was taken in the drizzle near the top of Ullscarf - a 10 minute stop and the only one of the day.  Never saw anyone all day.  Got back to the car at 16:10 just as it was getting dark.

Sorry I didn't let you know.  You missed a treat!  Still I'm sure Gummers How will be a challenge in the gale.

Cheers, Bryan
Tuesday 20th December


Email from Tony to Bryan
22nd December

Dear Bryan.

I am very surprised that you let a little matter like a gale stop you from joining us today.

Actually we were more worried about rain.  There had been torrential downpours through the night and the roads were flooded.

However, Don was convinced that all would be well as long as we delayed our start and I must say that I really enjoyed that extra hour in bed.

It was like old times when we parked at the Hare & Hounds in Bowland Bridge.

Mike produced sausages.  

He did bring an extra one in case you had decided to join us but as you hadn't, I ate it.

It was still a bit showery when we set off walking but that was not the problem.  Don's route took us across a stream (by footbridge) and then across a field.  

Only it was impassable.  

It was a quagmire as Terry discovered when he sank to his knees in what we hope was just mud.

Try as we might, we couldn't find a way through.

Robin saved the day by sounding the retreat.  

Back to the road we went and along to the next footpath. That one worked.  We reached a road where both ends of the rainbow could be seen.  Sadly we hadn't brought a spade to dig for treasure.

However, we before long did find treasure.  

First, though, we crossed Lobby Bridge on the old county boundary line.....

..... took the Comitibus photo.....

Comitibus: Near Lobby Bridge

.....and walked the wet lanes up to the ancient Hodge Hill Hall.

We were heading for St Anthony's Church at Cartmel Fell.  What a cracking little gem this is.  500 years old and still with its boxed pews and triple decker pulpit.

By now we could see that Don was right about the weather if not about the route.  The sun was shining.  

Our next target was the "monument" at Raven's Barrow (Cartmel Fell).

This was new to all of us except Mike who knew the way.  It's a short steepish climb but worth it for the views.

The "monument" itself is a little strange- it has a sort of in-built seat.

We carried on west across the fields.  I think Don would have had us plodding on all day but it had gone past noon and you know what that means.  At Heights Cottage I went on strike and ate my butties in the sun.

The section past Sow How Tarn and on to the farm was really nice. Gentle rolling countryside.  Sunshine.

Next was the ascent of Gummers How.  Refuelled and re-energised by my pit stop whilst the others had starved themselves, all of a sudden I was full of energy and led the charge to the summit.

That is where it was windy.  Very windy. In fact Don was almost blown over.

We were glad to get off the top and head down past the Reservoir and through the woods to meet the road.  

It was a bit of a slog along here. It's a pity there isn't an off-road way back to Bowland Bridge but the views are good.  

We resisted the temptations of the Mason's Arms, mainly because we had a treat lined up at the Hare & Hounds.  The kitchen was by now closed but they had plated up some rather tasty meat and cheese butties for us.

They had made an extra one in case you had decided to join us but as you haven't, I ate it.

Must end now; I am about to get stuck into my third pint.  Don't you just wish you had been with us?  You missed a treat.

Cheers, Tony

The above report has stimulated further correspondence.

Email from Bryan to Don
24th December

Dear Don, I must admit to harbouring some doubts about the veracity of Tony’s contribution to this report.

Tony as we know is a busy man and so likes to make the maximum use of any free time he has.  This can be seen in his e-mail correspondence, which rarely exceeds two sentences in length. Typical examples are...

  • Any Pub!   
  • Agreed! 
  • Sounds like a plan, see you in the morning
  • All my boxes ticked - surprise me!
  • Put me down for the burger and chips!!
  • Happy to go with whatever democracy (or you) dictates!

Indeed his initial response to my apology for not remembering to invite him along was....

  • Gutted I missed it!!  

I have searched my inbox and junk e-mail folder and can find no evidence of receiving the missive.  So I’m sure you can understand my doubt when confronted with an alleged epistle on the delights of windy walking.

Happy Xmas, Bryan


Email from Tony to Bryan
24th December

I'm so hurt that you'd think I'd claim another's work as my own!! I was up till 3 a.m. composing it! That's the last time I'm doing it.

Antonio Pinocchio


Email from Don to Bryan
24th December

Dear Bryan, I understand your doubts about the veracity of Tony’s contribution to the report.  It is true that Tony’s normal mode of communication by email is brief and to the point.  Normally when writing he is sober and succinct.  Pour a couple of beers down his throat and all of a sudden he becomes highly lockwayshus.  At that point, as the use of his vocal cords flourishes, his ability to type diminishes so it was left to me to take the dictation.

I am sorry if the original email did not reach you.  Mea Culpa.

Happy Christmas, Don


Email from Tony to All
24th December

Dear All, I've already told Don I'm up for the Nobel literary award!!

Best wishes to everyone, Tony

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Thursday 22nd December 2016

Distance in miles:

10.0 miles (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

1,479 (Anquet Harvey)


Raven's Barrow, Gummers How


Don, Mike, Robin, Terry, Tony


Map shown: OS 1:25k

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