GLW1408 : Back of Helm

Sunday 12th October 2014

A surprise return of summer?  Not quite but a bright sunny afternoon so just time for a trip round the back of Helm before returning in time for Margaret to make Granny's tea.

Time being tight, to shorten the journey we parked on the A65 rather than starting from home.  We took the path along the southern flank of Helm then down to Stang and Saint Sunday's Beck.  

This we followed north, through the blubell wood (wrong time of year) then after a moment's confusion due to me having lost the map and my new eyes not being able to read the gps we found the path to Blease Hall.  Here we were greeted by two friendly horses who let us through their yard.

Up and over to Strickley Bridge then at the Beehive we crossed the fields to Underhelm Farm, past the Air Valves and Syphon Well that we had seen when Up the Pipeline (TW05).  From the bridle path there is a permissive path that climbs up through the wood to the Back of Helm road.  

Having then turned left, intending to return along this road, we soon came across a gate offering a climb up to the Helm ridge.  It being a beautiful afternoon, it was too good an opportunity to miss.  

Views good in all directions, just a slight haze. Fact.  

Windfarm being very productive.  Not.

And it's us taxpayers subsidising the wretched things to do nothing.

Helm conquered, we returned home bang on the dot of 4 p.m.. Granny's tea would not be delayed, nor her wrath incurred.

Don, Sunday 12th October 2014


Distance: 5.5 miles, height 707 feet


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