GLW1608 : Scroggs Wood

Saturday 1st October 2016

I didn't know this was going to be a Great Little Walk when we pulled in to the Staveley Mill Yard for a late lunch at Wilf's before a short stroll.

However part way round we decided it should be, even if we had to return at a later date to enlarge or enhance it.  That is my excuse for the poor quality photos (phone not camera) and lack of initial description.

Actually the tour of Scroggs Wood be better described as a Great Micro Walk.  We learned about it from Jamie who had discovered it with Alexi when they visited recently.  Coincidentally the Wood featured in the week's Westmorland Gazette although I didn't know that at the time.  It wasn't so much about the trail but the fact that National Trust want to sell the Wood. They reassured readers, however, that it would remain open to walkers.

Scroggs Wood

We left the Mill Yard at the south end, alongside the magnificent bowling green then crossed the River Kent using the Millennium Bridge.  The entrance to the wood is found by following the footpath that leads downstream then taking the left hand path at the fork.  At the road, head south towards Burneside but soon there is a fork where you turn left up a hill.  Shortly afterwards you will find the entrance to Craggy Wood.


The path up and round the wood is fairly obvious and offers good glimpses across the countryside towards the Kendal Area.

At the top is an open viewpoint looking North to Potter Fell.

The undulating path continues through the wood, alongside at one stage a rather steep drop into what might have been a quarry.  We found a small stone build structure, a bit like a petite survey point and couldn't work out what it was for.  Looking later at the map, I think it is in the area marked as Syphon Well so presumably it had something to do with water supply, perhaps to the rather large house below.

The path emerges at a field where there was no helpful sign to say go across rather than follow what looked like a footpath going in what looked like the logical direction.  

Once this confusion was resolved it was an easy stroll back down to the village made somewhat dramatic by the cloud formation.  Yes it had started to rain but not enough to dampen our spirits.

This would be a good walk to repeat perhaps in the Autumn after the fall of the leaves but before ice arrives and the risk of the fall of the person. It could easily be incorporated into a longer outing in this lovely area turning it truly into a Great Little Walk.

Don, Saturday 1st October 2016



Distance: 1.9 miles           Height climbed: 420 feet


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