Margaret's Italian Diary, May 2018

Saturday 5th May:  Luca's birthday.  Pompeii and Sorrento

  • Breakfast excellent at Vesuvius as was service.  BIG rush to get packed and have breakfast before 9.  A little late for Nello and his fab black Mercedes to take us to Pompeii.  Entertaining chap- reminded us of Danny de Vito.  Not happily married but happily divorced.

  • Slightly panicky at Pompeii as initially only 2 hours planned- not nearly enough for me and Mary Beard.  Once we got the hang of audio guide phone (Don's was in French!) saw lots of the things I hoped- e.g. the chained black dog, villas (e.g. Venus in the shell) , shops with bar areas, 2000 year old bread.  Stalia Baths, Forum, Amphitheatre, Theatre and exercise area.  Garden of the fugitives (shown by non-official guide!).  Did have extra hour and lunch at cafe near ticket office which was good.

  • Hotel Tramontano.  Nello then drove us on to Sorrento with cheerful chat and recommendations e.g. Trattoria de Emilia.
  • Very tired on arrival, slept nearly all late afternoon.  Lovely room with excellent terrace overlooking sea.  Wonderful vantage point.  Sun came out (but not over Vesuvious), bottle of wine purchased at the very nice corner shop and packet of crisps at local bar.  Consumed while watching sun set on terrace.  Fab.  Still tired so had very nice room service.
  • After nap, went out to explore.  Hotel garden lovely with a mass of flowers. Then on to Villa Comunale overlooking cliffs down to the port and swimming areas.  Chanced upon the lovely cloisters of San Francisco church plus interesting black & white photo exhibition (Jilly B might like it!) and Sophia Loren exhibition with washing installation.  Girl from Warwickshire on door!

Margaret's Italian Diary, May 2018

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