The Windermere Way 01 :  Ambleside to Wray Castle

Sunday 24th September 2017

Sometimes the hardest part of a Long Distance Walk, especially a circular one, is deciding where to start and which way to go round.  When we set off from home, we were going to go to Windermere and walk to Ambleside.  Soon, however, it was realised that this would be a repeat of what we did on the Thirlmere Way so we reverted to our original plan of driving to Wray Castle, catching the ferry to Ambleside and walking back to the car.  Unfortunately, as I thought we had abandoned that idea, I didn't have the printed map with me, not that it mattered as we did have the OS on my phone as long as the batteries held out.

We had had to have a late start and consequently the ferry we caught was just before 3 p.m..  

It took us to Brockhole before heading up the east side of the lake to Waterhead.

It had been a pleasant, if a somewhat overcast, half hour voyage.

The "official" route (as far as one can use that term) goes over Loughrigg and I didn't see the point of straying that far from the lake, especially when there is a superb viewpoint over the lake from just above Lily Tarn.  However, come the day and its lateness, it was felt that we ought to make it an easy debut.  Consequently we took a very low level route back to Wray Castle.  Much of it was alongside or near the road on purpose-made walking paths; perfectly acceptable. Gentle walking with pleasant views.

Once back at Wray Castle (a strange construction) we jumped into the car and returned to Ambleside to celebrate at the Golden Rule.  And to debate what the Golden Rule was.  Long time followers of the BOOTboys would know.  It's the Ethic of Reciprocity.  Confused?  Click on the picture to find out more.

Don, Sunday 24th September 2017

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4.2 miles

567 feet


4.2 miles

567 feet


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