BB0704 BOOTboys Cancelled Day plus High Altitude Report

Thursday 25th January 2007

With Don, Philip and Robert away on high altitude training in the Alps plus Stan and Tony allegedly prevented by car and dogs respectively, Bryan was left to go solo. He reports:

The forecast was too good to miss (80% chance of sunshine!), and with fresh snow on the tops and the potential for it all to disappear again pretty quickly I decided to go for it.

The IT in question turned out to be a walk up the Kirkstone Road for a mile then on the path up to the top of Red Screes. The road proved to be the most difficult part of the day with frozen water on the steep bits making forward progress without crampons pretty difficult at one point!

From the top of Red Screes I dropped down the ridge to Middle Dodd (a Wainwright I hadn't done) and sat in the sunshine having lunch (at 12:30!).

Team photo at Middle Dodd Summit

Windermere from near Dove Crag

Then I decided to contour straight into Scandale pass rather than re-ascend Red Screes which proved to be interesting. It was pretty icy, particularly on the boulder patches, so a bit of care was needed.

From Scandale I went up and around Little Hart Crag and descended again, this time to High Hartsop Dodd (another Wainwright I needed). The 500 feet of descent had to then be reversed and a further 500 feet of climb had to be done to get me on to the Dove Crag ridge. Then it was a pleasant descent down the High Pike / Low Pike side of the Fairfield Horseshoe back to the car with the snow already beginning to melt quite rapidly.

The GPS route tells me it was 11.8 miles and 4,245 feet of ascent.

Bryan, 25th January 2007


Report from the High Altitude Training Camp, Obergurgl

Not much snow and poor visibility, followed by masses of snow and poor visibility, followed by an unexpectedly good day and culminating with an exceptional day in Sölden, covering the Big 3 Rally circuit of 50 kms and 10,000 metres in less than 4 hours!

Don, 28th January 2007



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This page describes a 2007 adventure of BOOTboys, a loose group of friends of mature years who enjoy defying the ageing process by getting out into the hills as often as possible!

As most live in South Lakeland, it is no surprise that our focus is on the Lakeland fells and the Yorkshire Dales.

As for the name, BOOTboys, it does not primarily derive from an item of footwear but is in memory of Big Josie, the erstwhile landlady of the erstwhile Burnmoor Inn at Boot in Eskdale, who enlivened Saint Patrick's Day 1973 and other odd evenings many years ago!

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