BB0709 Circling Hollow Moor

Thursday 15th March 2007

There are some days when it is better just to stay in bed.  Or, in Tony’s case, go fishing. This didn’t ought to have been one of those days.  According to the forecast the rain was going to pass through around midday and it would be a pleasant afternoon.

Tony would have enjoyed the start, simply because we delayed going out until after lunch but as we assembled we were cursing that we had not gone out early for it had been a decent morning.  And now it was teeming down.

Bryan, Stan and I sat in the car by Kentmere church for a good ten minutes wondering why we were doing this rather than lunching at Wilfs or in the Brewery next door.  But eventually it dawned on us that sitting there did not actually achieve anything so full waterproofs were donned and off we set.

In fact, once you acclimatised, it was not that bad and a lot better than sitting in the car cursing.  We ambled up Cornclose Lane (for “Lane”, envision “muddy track”) as it made its way up towards Skeggles Water.  

Looking at the map with hindsight I think we took a wrong turning at a junction on the open fell and ended up nearer to Skeggles Water than we should which meant we had some awkward obstacles to overcome (i.e. walls and barbed wire!). As we skirted Cocklaw Fell we could see a farmer in his LandRover eyeing us suspiciously but he didn’t get his gun out.

We joined the track by Nunnery Beck and at last it stopped raining and there was a splendid view to be enjoyed up Kentmere. It was then an easy stroll down to Green Quarter and Kentmere to complete the circle of Hollow Moor.

Team picture with Kentmere valley to rear

Obstacles excepted, it was not the most demanding of walks but well suited to the weather.

Don, 15th March 2007

Distance: 5 miles

Height climbed: 1,060

Wainwrights:  It was a W-free day!


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This page describes a 2007 adventure of BOOTboys, a loose group of friends of mature years who enjoy defying the ageing process by getting out into the hills as often as possible!

As most live in South Lakeland, it is no surprise that our focus is on the Lakeland fells and the Yorkshire Dales.

As for the name, BOOTboys, it does not primarily derive from an item of footwear but is in memory of Big Josie, the erstwhile landlady of the erstwhile Burnmoor Inn at Boot in Eskdale, who enlivened Saint Patrick's Day 1973 and other odd evenings many years ago!

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