BB0717: High and Low Rigg or maybe a Rival?

Wednesday 4th June 2007

With Bryan and Tony unavailable and a weather forecast that predicted a window of opportunity from dawn to midday,  Stan and I decided to set off early and tackle a walk that the other two had done earlier this year.  It's not that we are competitive or anything but we couldn't have them building up a lead over us in the Wainwright stakes!

The walk in question was described in BB0707- High Rigg except that, weather permitting, we intended to complete the ridge and take in Low Rigg as well.

Fortunately the weather was fine, indeed the sun was shining.  Bryan's BB0707 report describes how he was testing out his new, ultra stiff boots in anticipation of an Alpine trip that now, sadly, has been cancelled.  What he does not record is how steep the initial part of the walk is up Wren Crag.  It must have been quite a challenge for him in his ski boots.  It was quite a challenge for us, not having been out for some time, but was thankfully short and we were quickly up on this lovely little ridge with splendid views of Great How and Helvellyn to the south and Skiddaw and Blencathra to the north.

Skiddaw and Blencathra

Our team picture at the summit presented some problems.  My camera was kaput, having had a contretemps in Crete with a grain of sand that wrecked the lens mechanism but, as Stan had his new camera with him, he was appointed official photographer for the day which meant he had to fathom out how to operate the delay function.  Of the three attempts at a suitable picture, one featured Stan's bottom as he dashed back to take his place.  The second looked as if I was playing with myself and the third looked as if Stan and I were slightly more than good friends.  So Stan's bottom won.

Great How from Wren Crag

Great Rigg Summit Team Photo

We, too, had lunch at the delightful St John's in the Vale church but unlike BB0707 where they had to shelter in the church, we had a very relaxed rest on a bench in full sun in the church yard at 10:45.  Yes, Tony- we had lunch at a quarter to eleven!!!!!

St John's in the Vale

High Rigg from Low Rigg

Our route then took us over Low Rigg and past Tewet Tarn to meet the road where we headed down into St John's Vale.  By this time, the clouds were gathering to the south and we fully expected to get a drenching at some stage on the stroll back to the car. Bridge End Farm was open for snacks but we didn't drop in.  Still fearing rain, we pressed on back to the car.  Pity, really, as the rain held off and we could have had a second lunch.  Instead we headed home for an early bath.

The question now is, with Bryan and Tony both available on Thursday, would they take the opportunity to post a rival BB0717 with more Ws, up with which Stan and I will have to catch?

Don, 20th June 2007

Afternote:  Bryan reported that "Tony's Grandparent duties meant that we didn't get out on Thursday last week after all. So you will have gained ground on us in the Wainwright stakes".

Distance: 6.9 Miles (Anquet / Harveys)

Height climbed: 1,532 feet (Anquet / Harveys)

Wainwrights:  High Rigg



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