BB1127 : Four Lords a-Leaping

Thursday 15th September 2011

Time constraints for some of us meant that we had to be back by lunchtime. To our surprise, Tony opted out as such a walk would be too soft for him!  How times have changed!  However, the promise of a Jack Reacher novel that he hadn't read caused a re-think.  He can be bought!  

Perhaps times haven't changed at all!!

I was poring over the map to find a suitable stroll that we, or at least I, had not done before and thought I had come up with a good one, starting at Crosthwaite and visiting Lord's Lot.

I then googled Lord's Lot to see what I could find about it and what did I find?  Almost exactly the walk I had planned!   It is one of Valerie Harrison's Damson Country Walks that is now to be seen on-line on the Crosthwaite and Lyth website.

See Lord's Lot for better instructions than this report will provide!

Valerie Harrison made the distance 9 miles.  To be fair, she published her book in 1999 in pre gps / pc mapping days.  I plotted it crudely on the computer and made it about 7 miles.  Which would prove the more accurate?  An important point given the limited time available.

Another reason for planning to stay local and low was the weather forecast.  The MWIS, a few days ago, predicted that:

The remnants of hurricane Katia will bring storm force winds to many mountain areas with winds gusting over 100 mph at times across higher tops....... prolonged rain or showers......resulting in very high levels of burns, rivers and lochs as well as increasing the risk of landslides.

Lovely!  And it has blown hard this week as proved by the big branches brought down on our drive.  However, on the actual day, the Met Office forecast had changed to sunny intervals and a midday wind speed of zero.  Yes, you read that right!  Zero! Nowt! Nil! Ziltch!  Bit of an anti-climax, really.  Katia had presumably passed through quicker than previously expected.  Or is this just the calm in the centre of the storm?  The Met Office is talking of heavy rain and winds gusting to over 30 mph over the next two days.  MWIS says 50 mph on the hills.  This changeability of forecast has been a feature of this erratic year.

Given the long range forecast, I hadn't expected to get a good photo of our climbing objective, Lord's Lot. So, when I found on the Crosthwaite and Lyth website this photo taken by Martin Casson from his High Adventure balloon days, I took the precaution of asking Martin if we could use it. He kindly agreed.

It is looking north-west over to Lord's Lot from high above Underbarrow.  The sun was directly behind him as you can tell by the shadow of the balloon.  The angle of the sun plus the frost on the ground is a good clue that it was taken on a fine winter's morning.

Lord's Lot from  balloon over Underbarrow

Actually, today proved to be a beautiful morning.  However, time being of the essence, it was something of a setback to arrive twenty minutes late at Stuart's thanks to a combination of scheduling and navigational misunderstandings plus a stop to get a today view over to Lord's Lot.  

Looking over to Lord's Lot from Scout Scar

So the planned route was under pressure from the outset.  Nonetheless, we set off from our parking place by the River Gilpin in Crosthwate to head up onto Lord's Lot, disturbing a grazing deer en-route.  

A disturbed deer

Comitibus: Four Lord's a-Leaping

None of us had previously been to the summit of this modest hill and it really is a fine view point in all directions.  A place to leap with joy!

Looking west from Lord's Lot, click for panorama

Whinfell from below Lord's Lot

Our one serious climb of the day out of the way, we headed off to Low Fold then worked our way round easy paths and tracks to Birk Moss and the fine old building that is Bulman Strands.  This is where Valerie Harrison suggests that those wishing to curtail the full walk should head south.  We, however, continued north to Crook Foot and Thorneyfields before turning southwest to meet the main Winster Valley road.  Sadly, time had slipped away from us so rather than carrying on down Crag Lane, we braved the traffic on the A5074 for a while until taking the minor road that climbed the hill towards Crosthwaite.

It was noon and therefore Tony lunch time so we took advantage of the shortened route to allow him to eat whilst we tried to work out what the converted van was at the far end of the field (see photo below).  We failed.  Can anyone tell us?

It was then a short downhill stroll back to the car, to return home in good time for our various commitments.

We had seen many interesting things en-route:

  • The steps (sadly partially obscured by seats) from which to mount your horse at Low Fold, once owned by the Duke of Buccleugh's molecatcher.
  • The tower of what had been St Catherine's Church at Crook
  • The serrated skyline from Crinkle Crags to the Langdales
  • Heysham Nuclear Power Station
  • A mysterious stone structure, presumable for items to be place on carts
  • Stuart multi tasking- picking conkers whilst telephoning
  • Bulman Strands
  • Winster House in the distance
  • A mysterious van

The molecatcher's steps

St Catherine's tower

Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdales

Heysham power station

The mysterious stone structure

Stuart multi-tasking

Winster House

Bulman Strands

The mysterious vehicle

This was new territory for most of us and the full walk would be a very enjoyable, not too challenging outing.  One day!  Or perhaps we will try another of Valerie Harrison's Damson Country Walks.  Thank you Valerie.

Don, 15th September 2011




Thursday 15th September

Distance in miles:


Height climbed in feet:




Other Features:

Lord's Lot


Don, Stan, Stuart, Tony


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