BB1629 : The Place in the Book

Wednesday 17th August 2016

A notable achievement for any Wainwright bagger is the completion of your first book.  Leave aside for the time being the thought that Bryan had intended to do the whole of the Northern Fells book in three days this week, the nights being spent bivouacking under the stars.  In the end he decided against it, not fancying waking up in a bag wet from the heavy dew.

Instead he opted to help Terry complete his first book- the Far Eastern Fells. Had things gone to the original plan we would have started from the north, knocked off Hallin Fell and then found the Place in the Book on which to finish. However, logistics determined that we should start from Patterdale, hence Place Fell had a different Place in the Book- the penultimate.

After much discussion about routes, we decided to ascend by the Knight (as per BB1613) rather than the tourist route from the south.

Once you have negotiated the bracken to find the start point, it is a much pleasanter climb in good weather although I wouldn’t want to try and find it to descend in poor visibility.  But then why would you go up Place Fell, one of the best viewpoints in the Lake District, on a day when you couldn’t enjoy the view?

Because it’s there, I suppose.  Or “We have come all this way so we are ******ed if we are going home without climbing something.”  Anyway, that was not our problem today.  One of the best days of the summer so far.

Apart from being a little-used way up, this route has another advantage- no false summits.  

So when you look across a bit of a plain and see what looks as if it might be the Place Fell summit, it really is.  The Knight does not tease!

Inevitably there were quite a few people on the summit but none headed off north as we did.  Hallin Fell was the objective but we decided to descend by a path that was new to us, by Scalehow Beck, just before High Dodd.  

Across the valley we could see a hill with a cairn.  Kilbert How, a Corbett, not a Wainwright so no need to visit.

At the bottom we picked up the track that led to the foot of Hallin Fell.

There are two main ways up. Bryan, inevitably stormed up the direct route. I set off up the more gentle curving path to the right.  Stan and Mike followed.  I was surprised to see that Terry and Robin also chose the direct way up. Perhaps Terry was intent on completing the Book as soon as possible.

We regrouped at the top with its enormous cairn.  Stan thought there was a story about it but no-one knew what it was.  Given the circumstances, we should have consulted AW beforehand rather than now, as I write this report, although he didn’t seem to know who was the creator of this 13 foot obelisk. However he did spot a plaque bearing various initials and the date 1864.  We didn’t.

Stan, as is his wont, set off running down the hill so I tried and failed to keep up with him but I think it is why my legs are now aching somewhat! My Garmin says I did achieve a top speed of 9 mph which for an old man isn’t too bad.

My plan had been to return via Boredale but this wasn’t met with enthusiasm by my colleagues who wanted to take the lakeside path.  The problem with the lakeside path is that it is not a lakeside path at all but a severally undulating path not far from the side of the lake, offering glimpses of fine view but often frustratingly obscured by light woodland.  It is also a somewhat longer than going up the valley but probably with less climbing.  And there would no view of any lake from Boredale.



A big plus was a barn that had been converted to a cafe where Mike treated us all to ice cream.

Eventually we emerged from the trees and were able to cross over to Patterdale where we had parked the car.  Had the Patterdale Hotel offered to set off their £4.50 parking fee against a bar bill we would have honoured then with our custom.  Instead, in a fit of pique, we opted for the Kirkstone Inn where it is forever Christmas.  The Place where Terry could celebrate the finish of the first Book.

Don, Wednesday 17th August 2016

No Tony No Pie

There we were,thinking of phoning Tony at noon.  Should we be ringing to taunt him with tales of sausages?  Then Stan burst into song but couldn't remember who it was by other than it sounded rather Bob Marleyish but wasn't.

But it was very Tonyish.

Later he remembered.  

The Marley influence is plain to hear.

As is. to see, that of Freddie Mercury or perhaps Les Dawson or maybe even Norman Evans.  

The result, a must watch video of the Everly Pregnant Brothers singing

No Oven, No Pie

No Oven, No Pie




Wednesday 17th August 2016

Distance in miles:

13.4 (Garmin)

Height climbed in feet:

3,345 (Memory Map)


Place Fell, Hallin Fell


Bryan, Don, Mike, Robin, Stan, Terry

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