BOOTboys 2018

BOOTboys: Old Men Walking and doing other daft things.

BB1801 : SHOOTboys
Thursday 4th January 2018

BB1802 : In Search Of The Asrai
Wednesday 10th January 2018
Coppermines Valley, Levers Water

BB1803 : Oh! I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!
Thursday 1st February 2018
Grange-over-Sands, Hampsfell

BB1804 : Faltering on Fairfield
Wednesday 7th February 2018
Fairfield, Great Rigg, Stone Arthur

BB1805 : All Cakes and Culture
Thursday 15th February 2018
Carlisle Castle, The Bookcase, Carlisle Cathedral,
Tullie House

BB1806 : Known Knowns and Unknowns
Thursday 22nd February 2018
Loughrigg, Buckstones Jump 

BB1807 : I Can Gather All The News I Need.....
Wednesday 21st March 2018

BB1808 : The How, When, Who, Why and The Way
Wednesday 21st March 2018
Gummer's How, Raven's Barrow

BB1809 : Men of Steel
Thursday 29th March 2018

BB1810 : Three Men in a Boat
Thursday 5th April 2018
Steel Fell, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag

BB1811 : Do You Do This For Fun?
Wednesday 11th April 2018
Tilberthwaite, Coniston, Tarn Hows

BB1812 : The Old Man, the Penguin and the Baby

Thursday 19th April 2018
Potter Tarn, Gurnal Dubbs, The Tap

BB1813 : The Missing Link and Other Mysteries
Thursday 26th April 2018
Limestone Link, Hutton Roof Crags 

BB1814 : Three for the Price of One
Wednesday 9th May 2018
Dove Crag, Carvetti Coffee, Appleby Castle

BB1815 : MapMan and Robin
Thursday 17th May 2018
Red Screes

BB1816 : Now is the Season, Tarn, Tarn, Tarn
Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Glaramara, Allen Crags, Esk Pike

BB1817 : Back to Black
Thursday 24th May 2018
Black Combe

BB1818 : Fear of Frogs and other Phobias
Wednesday 6th June 2018
Dow Crag, The Old Man of Coniston, Brim Fell, Swirl How

BB1819 : What? Lunch at 3:15? !!
Wednesday 13th June
Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale Crags, Mungrisedale Common, Blencathra, Souther Fell

BB1820 : World Naked Hiking Day
Thursday 21st June 2018
Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side, Skiddaw,
Skiddaw Little Man, Lonscale Fell, Latrigg










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