BB1924 : We Must Have Missed The Closed Sign

Wednesday 17th June 2019

There was a strange lack of people on the fells this week (me included, Ed.).  Mike T relates the experience:

On arriving at the top of Wrynose, at 8:30 a.m., there was a solitary camper van parked, where the occupants were probably still asleep, so were spoilt for choice of parking places.

We were quickly away and the cloud was descending, giving us brief, but dramatic views towards Eskdale.

It was so cloudy, as well as windy, we needed a bearing to take us back off the top of Grey Friars and soon found the memorial to the 8 Canadian Airmen killed in the crash of a Halifax aircraft on 22nd October 1944.

However, where were the other walkers? None had been encountered! Was there some unknown ban from walking the fells this day. We hadn’t spotted a Closed sign.

After ascending Great Carrs we went back along the ridge to Swirl How, which again was without a sign of fellow fell wanderers. The cloud was now lifting giving great panoramas of Coniston.....

..... and back towards Langdale, with Stickle Tarn being very prominent.

Still we couldn’t spot another walker.

Rain was forecast for about 1:30 p.m. so we hurried on down Prison Band and hardly paused at Swirl Hawse before ascending Wetherlam.

On approaching the summit, what did we see before us but a walker, who in conversation stated we were the first people he’d met and too thought he’d missed that the fells were shut this day. Then the bus service principle (i.e. none for ages then they all come at once) came into effect and another chap hoved into view, who also said we were the first walkers he’d seen.

We struggled with the wind on Wetherlam summit, where Brian’s camera refused to stay upright long enough for a group photo. [I've steadied it for you! Ed.]

There were great views to the east and south, despite a heavy cloud base.

As it was till half an hour to Tony’s lunch time we decided to go down Wetherlam Edge and the Greenburn side would afford protection from the prevailing wind.

At this point we heard a great deal of shouting and whistling that was doubtless a farmer with his dog; however, they were audible but not visible. Two more walkers were met, who were pleased to see someone else and diverted to chat; it was starting to feel crowded.

At midday we stopped outside an old mine entrance for our lunch, before the steep descent to the old mine buildings. A group of six walkers could be seen in the valley bottom; probably a coach trip!

The clouds were starting to look ominous and, with no break, we got to the bottom and straight up the ridge to Rough Craggs, which felt more onerous that the map suggested it would be, where we again met the first chap we encountered. Once on the top and with odd spots of rain in the air, we rapidly traversed to the Wrynose side of the ridge back to the vehicle, where there were more cars, but no people. The time was 1:30 p.m.; must be some sort of record.

Mike T, Thursday 17th July 2019

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 Comitibus:  Brian, Mike T, Stan


BB1924 : We Must Have Missed The Closed Sign


Wednesday 17th July 2019


Grey Friar, Great Carrs, Wetherlam


Brian, Mike T, Stan

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