BB0612  Well, Well, Well, Wansfell and Troutbeck Tongue      

Friday 26th May 2006

Friday is an odd day for Boot Boys but the Provincial Pensioner's Tea Party seemed to some a greater attraction on Thursday so hence the rearranged date.

It was one of those days when I couldn't get going.  All the little things were against me.  There was no bread for my butties, I couldn't find the right clothes, Jewsons made a delivery of planks just as I was about to set off and when I did get away, I had to go back for my new hi-tech seat that I left on the hall table.

So I was rather late for Tony, Stan and Bryan.  Still it was just a gentle stroll envisaged for today.  Wansfell Pike.  Is it a Wainwright someone asked?  Of course it's a Wainwright, why do you think Bryan was so keen to do it?!!!!

We found a parking place in Troutbeck and almost set off up Robin Lane then realised we had to retrace our steps in the other direction to find Nanny Lane- Stan remembered it was near Margaret's well.

We found a well but it was called St John's well.  That's because it was part of the divorce settlement, suggested Bryan.  Then St James' well- that's the boyfriend's, suggested Bryan.  And then Margaret's well.  Actually they are little more than horse troughs filled by water seeping out of the wall but close to Margaret's well we found Nanny Lane.


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St John's Well

St James' Well

St Margaret's Well

Conditions were rather damp and misty as we made our way up but we made light work of it whilst discussing such vital topics as prostates and whether it was better to have the blood test or the finger or neither (with enlightened comment from Stan about how certain people needed "dagging" before the finger could be administered- if you don't know what he was on about you'd better speak directly to him but bewarned- it involves maggots!) when all of a sudden we were on the top of Wansfell Pike.  There is a wonderful view from there.  Allegedly.  You can hardly make out the four of us in the team picture.

Wansfell Pike Summit

Wansfell Pike.  Allegedly.

From here, after a tea break and first use of my new hi-tech self inflating seat, we followed the ridge north along a path that was alternatively peaky and boggy, over Wansfell and along to the road from Troutbeck to Kirkstone.

Our next objective was Troutbeck Tongue but to achieve it we would have to exercise our right to roam.  Bryan explained to us that this mean roaming with responsibilities and we could only access the land via the opening gates or stiles.

The first (and only) opening gate went into the wrong field.  The next gate was tied up but it was the right field so we clambered over it (as many had done before judging by the marks on the wood).  We now had an exciting crossing of Woundale Beck to negotiate (plus a view of the most fantastic bluebell field), a wall (very carefully, honest) on Low Great Knott, dropping down to the Trout Beck where we felt we could take lunch without being spotted by a farmer asking awkward questions.  At this point the mist lifted for two minutes of sunshine and we could see where we had been on Wansfell and also see the rain clouds coming in.

      Bluebell Field

Old Bridge

Onwards, after lunch, over the remarkable old bridge across the beck up to a fence on Troutbeck Tongue where we were fortunate to find a section where it ran over a huge stone which might be construed as a stile. 

Or maybe not.  

There is a wonderful view from the top of Troutbeck Tongue- we almost saw it and from whence we had come.

Thereafter, it was a pleasant stroll down the hill, through the bluebells that smelt wonderful, past the badger holes and down, eventually, to the village with its assortment of magnificent cottages and the car.   

Wansfell Pike.  Allegedly.

The drive back to Kendal was greatly enhanced by dazzling displays of Rhododendrons.  It's just a pity that we hit Kendal at the wrong time and it took over an hour from dropping off Bryan to reaching home.  Now if only I'd set off on time in the morning.....

Don, 26th May 2006


8.6 miles

Height climbed:
2,221 feet

Map reference:
See Map

Wansfell, Troutbeck Tongue



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