BB0615 Fairfield Horseshoe

Tuesday 13th June 2006

Pushed for time so only the briefest of reports this time (thank goodness, do I hear?). This was essentially a training session for the High Street QH2QH big one (BB0617) so was pursued at a fairly vigorous pace by Bryan, Stan and me.

Route:  Fairfield Horseshoe from Rydal Hall clockwise.  8 Wainwrights: Nab Scar, Heron Pike, Great Rigg, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike, Low Pike.  Cut back across the fields (of dead sheep) and stream at the end to save a mile or so.  Distance 9 miles and 3,376 feet of climbing.

Weather: a little disappointing- we had expected the cloud to break but apart from the odd patch of blue, the day was rather greyer than merited by the bottle of sun lotion that I bought on route (so it was my fault the sun never got out!).  Quite a chilly wind when we stopped.


The approach to Fairfield


Fairfield summit

Views: extensive, most of the lake district peaks, 8 lakes and at least 3 large tarns and extensive examination of the High Street skyline!


Don, 13th June 2006


9.0 miles

Height climbed:
3,376 feet

 Map reference:
See Map

Nab Scar, Heron Pike, Great Rigg, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike,
Low Pike. 




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