BB0808 Thanks to the MWIS

19th March 2008

As I sit here writing these notes, with the rain pouring down outside, I offer up my thanks yet again to the Mountain Weather Information Service. For anyone who has never come across the MWIS you can get to it from this link: MWIS.

The Bootboys have been using this site for some time now as a guide to the conditions we are likely to encounter (and sometimes as a reason not to bother encountering them at all and stay at home instead!). This week it said there would be two excellent sunny, calm, and clear days sandwiched between the usual wet weather. So I took advantage and had two splendid outings.

On the Tuesday Liz and I were booked in for walking our daughter’s dog.

Rather than go around Scout Scar, Helm, or the Castle as we usually do we thought it would be a good opportunity for Jack (the dog) to do his first Wainwright and for me to knock off two more.

So we drove around to Loweswater and had a splendid few hours on Low Fell and Fellbarrow.

Jack, Liz, and Bryan on Low Fell


View from Low Fell of Crummock Wather and the Buttermere Fells

Wednesday was a Bootboys day. Don unfortunately had to go to London, and Tony was yet again off to Otley (I really have to have a long talk to him about priorities!). So it was just Stan and I who set off from Kendal, for a day mopping up some Wainwright’s he needed to close in on his completion of the Eastern fells. It was a challenge to find a route to link the three of them up and in the end one eluded us (Glenridding Dodd).

Aira Force

View up Ullswater from slopes of Gowbarrow

We parked up at Aira Force to tackle Gowbarrow in much better conditions than my last visit with Don and Tony (BB0736). We took the obligatory photo of Aira Force before taking a more direct line to the top of Gowbarrow with the views becoming ever more impressive as we climbed.

We descended to Dockray where our one and only navigational hiccough of the day lead us to go a few hundred yards up a road looking for a bridge on the map before realising it wasn’t there and that we should have crossed the stream in the village! A correction was soon made and we began the long steady climb over Watermillock Common towards the Brown Hills.

A glance at the watch showed it was 12 o’clock – Tony time. We stood for a while and listened. I thought I heard the faint sound of “is~it~time~for~dinner~yet” but it was just a vulture hovering above. So we pressed on.

I was last out on these hills with Don on another glorious day that seemed only a year or so ago. I looked it up on the archive when I got back and eventually tracked it down on BB0508 – that’s three years ago. Where has the time gone?

After a few miles of steady climbing we turned up by the side of the wall for the 400 foot slog to the top of Hart Side. We encountered a bit of snow on the way and the views over the shoulder of Sheffield Pike to Helvellyn, Catstycam and Sharp and Swirral Edges were spectacular

Stan climbs towards Hart Side

 View across to Catstycam and Hellvellyn

We eventally reached the top and decided it was time for lunch (1:40pm!!). There is a ditch on the top of Hart Side of some ancient origin which provided an ideal spot to get out of the light, but cold, wind.

Team Photo on summit of Hart Side

Glencoynedale and Ullswater from Greenside

From the top we descended over the shoulder of Greenside to Nick Head. We could see Glenridding Dodd below us but on the other side of the valley and with access requiring us to climb Sheffield Pike to get at it. We decided against it. If only he’d taken the chance to nip up and down with me on BB0632!

From there it was one of my favourite stretches of track in the Lakes. The wonderful contour around the head of Glencoyndale before the delightful descent through the ancient native trees in Glencoyne Park and back to the car. A great way to finish an excellent walk.

 Bryan, 20th March 2008


Tuesday (Bryan & Liz)

BB0808 (Stan & Bryan)


5.7 miles

10.9 miles

Height climbed:

1,300 feet

2,650 feet


Low Fell  /  Fellbarrow

Gowbarrow  /  Hart Side

Debt: (still outstanding)


 £5 (DS to AR)




BB0808 Gowbarrow:



For the latest totals of the mileages, heights and Lakeland Fells Books Wainwrights see: Wainwrights.

If anyone wants to claim other peaks, please let me know and I will submit them to the adjudication committee!

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If anyone wants to claim other peaks, please let me know and I will submit them to the adjudication committee!


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