BB1913 : Fairfield 4 : Sunderland 2

Wednesday 10th April 2019

"Fairfield Four" reminds me of my favourite football result (apart from memorable Manchester City ones such as on BB1132).  Eric Morecambe's

East Fife 4 : Forfar 5

which he used as a greeting whenever he met his friend James Alexander Gordon, the announcer who read the classified results on the BBC for 40 years.  It did eventually come true; 21st July 2018.

Anyway, the relevance is simply the number who undertook the Fairfield Horseshoe today.  At one time the score looked like being the more dramatic Fairfield 9.  However, one by one, Fife, sorry, five dropped out for various reasons leaving Bryan with only three companions, Brian, Martin and Philip, for his first BOOTboys outing since he had a serious domestic accident, breaking several bones in the process.

He is clearly well mended as it was his proposal to tackle the Fairfield Horseshoe, significantly the biggest BOOTboys expedition so far this year.

We don't have a full report from the Fairfield Four.  I am told that there was a unanimous vote that Philip would be scribe.  I assume that Philip did not participate in the vote.  He was allegedly pretty adamant that he wouldn't be scribe as he was off to London on "a theatre jolly"!  He has, however, posted a Facebook comment which is repeated below:

4 walkers rounding the Fairfield (2800ft) Horse Shoe today. 25 km 34,000 steps and 8 Wainwrights completed. Dreadful selfie at the top of Fairfield!

Started 9.00 am finished in the ‘Golden Rule’ pub in Ambleside at 5.15 pm with half an hour’s stop. That pint tasted oh so good!

Martin also took some photos (including the Comitibus) with his phone.  

Bryan took his phone out on the top of Fairfield and took some shots from there and on the way down to Nab Scar.

To conclude, I'll return to Eric Morecambe.  I was one of today's five drop-outs, feeling very much our of sorts. Instead, Margaret and I ventured as far as Sunderland Point.  Our stats bear no comparison with those of the Bryan and co.; a modest 4.3 miles and an even less impressive 105 feet of ascent.  Our mission was to see Poor Samboo's Grave where to our great surprise we discovered the new Horizon Line Chamber about which we had previously heard nothing.

Across Morecambe Bay, the two of us could see the Lake District Fells.  We waved to our four friends on Fairfield.  We couldn't see them returning the gesture but one person did wave as we returned along the sea front. I could hear his voice as we passed:

Fairfield 4 : Sunderland 2

Don, Wednesday 10th April 2019


Tony:  The Horizon Line Chamber was on the news a few weeks ago.  Looks interesting. I've never seen the grave although went looking once.

Don:  The grave would have been hard to find unless you knew where it was as it is someway off the regular path. However, now it is a doddle as it is at the far end of the Chamber enclosure.  Now that I know what it is and how to use it I want to go back to the Chamber one day and see its effects.  A good sunny day would be needed though; it's not a bad weather alternative for BOOTboys!

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Comitibus:  Martin, Brian, Philip, Bryan

Map: OS 1:50k



BB1913 : Fairfield 4 : Sunderland 2


Wednesday 10th April 2019


Fairfield Horseshoe: Low Pike, High Pike, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Nab Scar


Brian, Bryan, Martin, Philip

Distance in miles (Garmin):


Height climbed in feet (OMN):


GPX track



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