BB1931 : What Three Words?  Contoured Croutons Balanced?

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Eh?  I hear you exclaim.  Contoured Croutons Balanced?  What is he on about?

Well the answer is sort of simple.   Mike T introduced us to a new way of communicating a location to within 3 metres by using just three words.  What three words?  That is the name of the system (or to be more precise what3words).  The idea is that it is easier to remember three words than it is to memorise a map reference recorded as a series of numbers.  You can send the words to someone (e.g. emergency services, delivery drivers, visitors etc) who then use the system in reverse to pinpoint your location on a map.  Click on the what3words link to discover more.

For example Flying.rolled.tint was our starting point where we had parked at High Row in Matterdale.

The "we", I should point out was not our normal BOOTboy crew but members of Mike's other walking group- Mick and Dave whom we had joined up with on World Naked Hiking Day (BB1820) plus Paul whom I had not previously met.

The objective was to knock off four more Wainwrights for Mike.  

It turned out there was another objective, for Paul at least: to knock off some Birketts as well.  Perhaps I should explain these are the Lakeland hills that stand over 1,000 feet as listed in Bill Birkett's Complete Lakeland Fells. For a complete list of Birketts along with Marilyns, Humps and Trumps plus many other groupings see Hill Bagging.

According to Wainwright our route to Contoured.croutons.balanced (better known as Great Dodd) is very gentle but otherwise without merit.  Well, he is entitled to his opinion.  The hill itself is indeed featureless but as you trudge along there are good views over to Blencathra.

Our first target was Regime.shapeless.noun, better known as Randerside on Matterdale Common (Fried.adhesive.curries).

I wasn't going as well as I had hoped.  Was it the early start, the head wind gusting to 50 miles per hour, the boggy ground or my heavy boots?  Or are these boys just younger, fitter and faster?  Or perhaps because my hat kept blowing off!

Once you reach the top of Contoured.croutons.balanced there are good views all around, or would be on a clearer day.

After coffee, we moved on to Silence.gents.flinches (that's Watson’s Dodd to you and me) though why Paul didn't want to go to Little Dodd escapes me.  It would be worth visiting for the name alone!

Four more sets of three followed: Possible.sues.slows, Lightbulb.starter.workroom, Ultra.campus.powder and finally Moped.cooks.demotion.  As you will have now deduced, that's Stybarrow Dodd, Green Side, Hart Side and the appropriately named Birkett Fell.

Between them they present good views over Thirlmere....

....up to Bassenthwaite.....

.... and down to Helvellyn.

Blencathra came into view once again on the descent.....

..... then Dowthwaite Crag.

Back at Flying.rolled.tint we debated which three words should come next.  

The answer?  The.Mortal.Man swiftly followed by Pints.all.round.

Don, Wednesday 11th September 2019


Alan:  What fun you could have with that game! I am sat at final.loads.honey, having been in zoom.carbon.hops, mind you have to be careful with your spelling, like email addresses, one letter wrong and you will be several thousand miles away. For instance love.smooth.sang is in Stockport, but love.smooth.sung is in Illinois.  Who on earth had sufficient time to devise that idea and plot the whole world, I doubt it will catch on for real.

Don:  I agree.  Just imagine a series of way points.  It would be like a short novel or perhaps more like an avant-garde poem.

Don: Mike has sent this picture of the other four of us on the top of Contoured.croutons.balanced.

     My strange headgear is actually a peaked buff strapping down my green hat to stop it being blown off.

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Comitibus:  Don, Paul, Mike, Mick, Dave


BB1931 : What Three Words?  Contoured Croutons Balanced?


Wednesday 11th September



Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Hart Side

Randerside, Green Side (White Stones), Birkett Fell


Dave, Don, Mick, Mike, Paul

Distance in miles (Garmin):


Height climbed in feet (OMN):


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BB1931 Map

Map: OS 1:50k

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