Wednesday 26th January 2022

It’s just over a year ago that we had a Lockdown event (BB2101) in which, socially distanced as per the rules of the time, BOOTboys (often with their BOOTbabe) went their separate ways searching for Trig Points. I concluded the report by saying:

There is one other Point that I was hoping to visit.  One that I have never visited, nor I suspect have any of the BOOTboys.  I was told about it by David W, a longtime BOOTboys follower.  However, circumstances intervened so you'll have to wait to discover more about it.  No matter how much you ask me "Where's the Point?" I ain't gonna tell ya!  I'll just give you one clue.  It's less than a mile from Pendle Hill.

Today, we were going to visit said mysterious Trig Point.

The Pendle Hill is mentioned is not the one in Lancashire. It is that of Westmorland, close to Café Ambio and the 1818 Auction Mart near M6 Junction 36 .

What was our target?  I’ll give you a clue. Be Prepared. Baden-Powell. Founder of the Scout Movement and Big Chief Wearer of the Woggle.  Generally known as BP. Author of "SCOUTING FOR BOOTBOYS" or something similar.  Does that help?  

Yes, Scout Hill of course.  It’s perhaps not the finest of hills but, apart from one messy farm, it’s a pleasant walk from the café.

As we were leaving 1818, two immaculate, vintage Rolls Royces arrived.  1934 and 1935 if I remember correctly.  They were due to be auctioned soon. The estimated price was less than £30k each.  That surprised me.  I thought they would fetch a lot more.

Of course, there was the usual display of tractors.

There is a good view of Farleton Knott as you cross the canal.

Across the A65, there was a murmuration taking place in a field.  We have noticed an increase in such events lately and although this wasn't the largest I have seen, it was none-the-less intriguing.  Why do they do it?  TreeHugger has a theory and, even if you don't accept the hypothesis, I think that if you click on Flight of the Starlings you will impressed.

Anyway, back to scouting. The route took us up an old track through gorse that is just coming into bloom though that does seem rather early to me.

It is easy to spot the trig point from a distance- the nearby radio repeater station is a big clue.  The nearby repeater station is a big clue.  The nearby repeater sta.... OK.  I'll stop!  After a relatively short climb we were there.

The descent took us past the Crabtree Clay Pigeon Shooting establishment, which seemed to be very busy, judging by the regularity of rifle shots that rang across the valley.

Believe it or not we walked past the Plough at Lupton even though it was open.  It’s not really the sort of place a self-respecting BOOTboy would scout out as one that welcomes muddy boots. Motorbikes parked outside the back door is another matter.  Tony was impressed.

After crossing Lupton Beck, we found a deliberately doorless hut that puzzled us, particularly the rings outside.  Not with any great confidence, we decided that they were probably for anglers.

We decided against climbing Farleton Knott; we were scouting for something quite different now.  As we made our way along the path, we could see the Scout Hill masts and trig point.  

Also to be seen to the north were the Kentmere hills.  I made a mistake in the sizing of the photo but I like the result so haven't corrected it.

It's rather like those Victorian exaggerated engravings of the Lake District.

Our search led us through Farleton, back to the Café Ambio, into the cars and north to the Crooklands Hotel.  Just the place for us Scouts to wet our whistles!  Don't know if BP would have approved!

Don, Wednesday 26th January 2022


 Comitibus:  Robin, Don, Mike, Tony, Don

Bonus Pictures from Tony


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Wednesday 26th January 2022


Scout Hill

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Don, Mike B, Robin, Tony


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