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Thursday 10th February 2022

A fairly random e-xchange with my brother, Alan, led to my making reference to a GOBO moment, to which he responded that it was a long time since he had heard that term.  He added that once upon a time he had a GOBO projector.  Would it help if I report Uncle Google's explanation of just what is a GOBO?

A gobo is an object placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light and its shadow.  

For studio photography purposes, the term "gobo" has come to refer to any device that casts a shadow, and various pieces of equipment that go in front of a light (such as a gobo arm or gobo head).

In theatrical lighting, however, the term more specifically refers to a device placed in 'the gate' or at the 'point of focus' between the light source, called a lamp, and the lenses (or other optics).

Alan told me that his was an object like a slotted disc which fitted inside a projector to modify the light patterns.

So, how does this relate to our BOOTboys adventure today?  Would a light source be cast upon on the event?  Not exactly; mine is a somewhat different sort of GOBO.

The day started with a rail journey.  Tony, TV Mike and I met Stephen, Mike B and Martin at Leighton Moss.  Then, once Tony had taught us how to use the ticket machine, we traveled on a very smart airport-bound train from Silverdale to Carnforth.  What has happened to the famous station clock?  No Brief Encounter today.  Instead- a rather longer one with John and Robin (plus Holly) who awaited us in the car park.

The start didn't go as planned but it was a deliberate variation.  We noticed a national cycleway route going west past the diesel engine graveyard then alongside the River Keer so decided to check it out.  Not being on horseback was an advantage as the old saying is that Kent and Keer has parted many a man from his mare.  It's actually part of the Lancashire Coastal Way so, one day, we should explore further.  However not today.  Instead we crossed river.....

..... then railway to leave the Way and head below Warton Scar.....

..... and into the village.  It's an interesting old village with connections to George Washington.  What particularly interested us were the remains of the ancient rectory.....

...... dating from the 14th century.

On reaching the top end of the village it was time to part company with Stephen.  His plan was to take the low road to Leighton Hall whilst we took the high, longer and more convoluted route.

At the top of Warton Crag is a structure for holding flaming beacons every Millennium (and maybe other times) and a trig point over looking Morecambe Bay.

The track continues down to Crag Foot where we took the path from Moss House Farm through woodland and pasture to the road that Stephen would have passed along an hour or so previously.  In the distance we could see a quarry face that puzzled me until I realised it was the Trowbarrow Quarry that we visited on BB2024.

Ahead of us was a woman walking a dog.  At the gates of Leighton Hall she turned into the drive so we thought we would do likewise.  However she haughtily told us that she was a resident and we had to approach by the tradesmen's entrance, i.e. the path to the same destination that came up from Yealand    Into our place we were firmly put.  Nver mind, we probably had better views.

We stuck our tongues out at her as we passed through the Leighton Hall out-buildings.  Stephen wasn't there.  We had already established that, unable to find a sensible place to wait, he had continued down to and across the Moss and back to snooze in his car.  Very sensible.

We likewise crossed the Moss.....

..... pausing briefly at the bird watching hut but not seeing anything spectacular.

Question time.  Where to go now?  A GOBO moment.  Answer- Back to School.  The Old School micro- brewery at Warton.  I have passed this way before but never entered.  What a pleasant surprise.  A very friendly, welcoming, warm place to enjoy detention.  

Would we go there again?

Well, have you deciphered the GOBO yet?  

Meet Mr GOBO, who stands proudly in our garden staring at the sun.  

Why does he do that?  

Because he has just had a Glimpse Of the Blindingly Obvious.

Would we go there again?  

That's another GOBO moment.

Don, Thursday 10th February 2022


 Comitibus: Mike B, Don, Holly, Robin, TV Mike, John, Stephen, Martin, Tony



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BB2206 : About GOBO Moments


Thursday 10th February 2022


Warton Crag, Leighton Moss

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Don, John, Martin, Mike B, TV Mike, Robin, Stephen, Tony


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