BB2210 : In Search Of The Fruit and Nut Case

Thursday 24th March 2022

I was too late to join the others. Ellie’s ballet exam had overrun.  In the car going home I asked her what music she had danced to.  She couldn’t name it. " Was it the Nutcracker Suite?"  I asked- possibly as it’s the only ballet tune I know (those last three words remind me of my father’s favourite joke but I’ll save that for another time).  "No," she said.  Nevertheless I couldn’t get the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy music out of my mind.

My strategy to meet the others, Mike, Stan, Simon (Mike’s former business partner) and his lovely dog Fred, on Whitbarrow was to approach the target from the south whilst they advanced from the east.  

This involved me parking at the foot of White Scar then climbing its great slab then the footpath up through the trees beyond.

As the going got steeper the Sugar Plum Fairy was helping me along, beating out the required rhythm of my footsteps in the way that the Great Redeemer used to guide me.  The annoying thing was that I felt sure there were words to the tune and I couldn’t remember them.

On reaching the open fell, I wasn’t quite travelling at ramming speed- I’m a bit too old for that now.  But I was certainly approaching severe bumping speed.

At the pile of stones on the top of Farrer’s Allotment, I phoned Mike to see where his group were.  It seemed that they weren’t far away and we should meet up soon.  I pressed on to the Lord’s Seat Memorial and again phoned Mike.  

The trouble was that I referred to it as the cairn.  We agreed that we would meet up at the wall through which the path passes.  Unfortunately Mike & co waited for me at the wall beyond the pile of stones type cairn from which I had first phoned him whereas I waited for them at the Horse Pasture Wood wall some distance north of the Memorial Cairn.

Fortunately the devices that had led to this confusion, i.e. mobile phones, allowed us to rectify the situation.  We all headed for and met at the Memorial Cairn, following which we stopped for lunch below a cliffette.

The Howe was their target so I accompanied them down into the Township plantation where we parted company.  I then took the long path through the woods south, eventually reaching the foot of White Scar and the car.

When I told Margaret about the mix up do you know what she said to me?  “Well, you are a right fruit and nut case”.  “Thank you”, I cried.  “Those are the very words that have escaped me all day long”.  It’s what the Sugar Plum Fairies used to sing in the Cadbury’s advert.  “Everyone’s a fruit and nut case”.  Well, I certainly was!

Don, Thursday 24th March 2022


Comitibus:  Stan, Simon, Mike, Don with Fred


Bonus Picture For Margaret


Robin: Google ‘Frank Muir Everyone’s a fruit and nut case’. Memorable!

Don:  I have found links to three different Frank Muir Fruit and Nut Case adverts.  Frightening how long ago they were recorded!  Still good even if picture quality leaves a lot to be desired!  

Check out F&NC1 , F&NC2 and F&NC3

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BB2210 : In Search of the Fruit and Nut Case


Thursday 24th March 2022


Whitbarrow Scar

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Don, Mike B , Stan, Simon (& Fred)


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