BB2211 : Out Like A Lamb?

Thursday 31st March 2022

When I observed that it was the last day of March and that we should do something associated with “In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb”,  Martin came up with the excellent suggest of our target being Helm Crag.  In case you don’t see the relevance, I should explain that it is generally better known as the Lion and the Lamb, overlooking Grasmere (although there is a second Lion and the Lamb, a touch taller, a few metres to the north overlooking Dunmail Raise).

Unfortunately no-one had reminded the weather gods how they were supposed to behave.  The Lamb was likely to have full need of its winter fleece.

Consequently we had to dream up alternatives to satisfy the theme.  Ramsbottom is too far away to contemplate.  Mutton Hall is at the opposite end of the life cycle and, anyway, is inaccessible.  Ewe Bank was a possibility.  In the end we rigged the criteria.  Destination Lambrigg, where there is a Head, a Foot and a Fell.

It felt bitterly cold as John, Martin and I set off up the Fell and climbed to its reservoir though for what purpose it was built remains a bit of a mystery.  

We had warmed up, the sun was shining and the visibility was really good.

There was snow on the hills and a bit of a dusting under our feet.  

There must have been a lot more down at Settle as Robin hadn’t managed to get his car out of his drive.

Once down off the fell, we travelled across fields past Haygarth then over an extremely dodgy, indeed dangerous stile.   To the south we could see Lambrigg Fell and the route we had descended.

At the ridiculously early time of 11:40, too early even for Tony though he wasn’t with us, we stopped by a stream for our lunch.  Well, it had been an early start.

There seemed to be a lot of trains in their various liveries.

The fields lived up to the area's name- there were load of ewes and lambs.  A pregnant one was on her back and needed Martin’s help to get her upright.

We couldn’t actually get to Lambrigg Foot, it is up a private drive but we could see the fine house very clearly so that counts.

Our route then took us eastward, following the railway for some distance before we were able to turn south for Lambrigg Head.  Outside the farm was a sad sight. Two dead foxes, presumably shot by the farmer to stop them worrying the lambs.

Five minutes later we were back at the cars, driving home past the Lambrigg turbines.

It had been an interesting walk.  Plenty of lambs had been seen but not exactly out in the sort of weather envisaged by the proverb.

Don, Thursday 31st March 2022


Comitibus:  Martin, John, Don


Robin:  I was reminded by Martin’s kind action that a Rigg in a place name is a ridge, but the sheep Martin assisted, in local farming dialect, was ‘rigged’ - rolled onto its back and unable to get back up without assistance. The - usually two - unborn lambs move down and sideways when the sheep is on its back making the problem worse. I’ve rescued a number of rigged sheep – as I suspect has Martin - sometimes with the help of the farmer who has propped the now upright sheep against a hay bale until the unborn lambs slip back into place and balance is restored.

Martin:  My term for a sheep on its back is kezenned (not sure of spelling) which is widely used around here. In the worst case I have come across the sheep had had its eyes pecked by crows but it went on to have a healthy pair of lambs. 

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BB2211 : Out Like A Lamb?


Thursday 31st March 2022


Lambrigg Fell

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Don, John, Martin


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